Calling Mike Dessin

I really want to go to Ohio. I know I'm not even on the long list, but I need help. I know I listed my functioning as a 6, but it doesn't reflect that I'm functional about 1/3 of the day about 1/3 of the week.

Yesterday, I was a 5; not too tired, but brain-fogged. Then I ate a delicious lunch of hamburger on gluten-free bread (is nothing sacred? I didn't even use ketchup, for fear of the sugar & vinegar) with margarine (I know, I know, a no-no). I was a 2. Maybe a 1.5. Felt like I would collapse. It has been a long time since I was this weak; not groggy, but weak. I recovered some, which made me feel like it was a food reaction. I have tried to be so careful with everything I eat that I have lost more weight. I think it took over 6 hours to digest, with the help of 8 betaines & some vitamin C crystals (ascorbic acid, not yeast-loving citric acid).

This disease is like purgatory. Last night I was up for 4 hours, unable to sleep. Totally exhausted & unable to sleep. I get hungry, but even when I eat, my body can't do it; can't digest, can't absorb, can't use. Totally hungry & can't eat.

And I get very scared. I need advice, b/c I just read Dr.Rich's post that Alpha Lipoic Acid doesn't help remove mercury. If cilantro can pull it, how come it won't come out? Did you use NAOT? If I can't get rid of the metals, I will soon need to move on to a different plan. I am awaiting a herxheimer reaction from the fluconazole. Please stay tuned. Sincerely,



Shouldn't have said '6'! (Such a shame :)). Poor sleep is brutal. I'm so glad that I just have mediocre sleep now. I'm hoping that if the treatment works and the doctor is good at teaching it it will come to someone around us sooner rather than later.

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