Busy couple of weeks, many specialist appointments

I cant wait till this week is over as Ive been busy with appointments and Im needing a good rest due to it (feeling wore out and headachey right now). Here's an update on what is going on for me.

1/ I went to the Orthopedic specialist and got told by him that the loss of full arm movement range from shoulder is due to frozen shoulder. He said he didnt think the cops rough treatment did it but thinks it is due to my prediabetic state, the hyperinsulinemia.

Frozen shoulders are rare in those my age and says diabetes is very common cause of them. He told me to not be surprised if my other shoulder does the same at some point.

Its been almost a year?? now since I first got the issue with it and he said it may take another full year before its back to normal and to keep doing physio exercises with it.

2/ I went to the Optometrist and the result of that was.. I was told that my eyes are getting old and I needed glasses (Im only recently 40). So anyway.. now I have a pair of glasses and it is making it easier to read things.

3/ Went to the psychologist.. working throu issues I have with the Asperger's and how I deal with people

4/ Went to my ME/CFS specialist (doctor sent me back there as doctor wouldnt prescribe more melatonin for me). CFS specialist is good but said as he dont have insurance he isnt meant to prescribe so he said he'll have to get the doctor to do it. hence

5/ so Back to GP today (got my melatonin script this time).
I thought I'd got copies of all my past test results but it turned out i hadnt .. so I then saw one showing minor heart abnormalities (I think due to MVP due to ME) .

Tomorrow I have the housing people coming to replace smoke detector I cant handle due to noise intollerance, it paralyses me. (they are going to put a flashing one in).

Friday I have some mental health people coming to try to get a suitable crisis plan together for me as my current one in emotional crisis situation isnt suitable as its ring an ambulance (and then the police are called too which is stupid!!). They are only coming as I went to the newspaper about the lack of support I got when I really needed it and they know that (They rang wanting me to recontact the reporter to get the planned article pulled).

thank god thou im much much mentally better on this diet for my insulin resistance and arent getting serious dangerous mood swings no more due to being careful with my diet.


I did do a thread on it in the forums as i was wondering how many others have this issue too but for anyone wondering, the minor heart abnormalities are "minimal mitral regurgitation" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitral_regurgitation (my heart values arent closing well) and "mild tricuspid regurgitation" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tricuspid_regurgitation (I didnt previously have either of those things so only have developed them in past few years).

The report also says "Minor aortic sclerosis" (slight hardening of the arteries)

oh i forgot to say that the strong cortiosteriod cream i got for the hyperpigmentation which suddenly appeared on the crease of leg/foot area a couple of months ago. The strong cream hasnt got rid of it, GP says I should of asked my specialist what could be causing the hyperpigmentation.
Im not thou currently concerned over it and wont bother unless i get other patches on my body or it goes and spreads.

hahaha here is my feet (my legs are actually tanned looking but photo flash makes them look pale, I wish I'd shaved my toes! haha). That patch which looks like a bruise but isnt a bruise just above right foot/ankle.
Hi Tania hun. Well I am glad to hear you are seeing some people and getting some help. I have had hyperpigmentation under my eyes on cheeks and a few other patches in other places . I dont know if it s adrenal issue? I too have mitral regurg (trivial). Sending hugs.
I have the hyperpigmentation too. I have no idea why! Within the last year. It's on my knees. Also, I am 40 and need glasses. Yup. 40. UGH.

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