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It feels like a bit of forever since I last wrote here. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me during this slow time. There have been so many comforting and encouraging thoughts sent our way, thank you.

I am very happy to be able to say that allergy season has mostly ended for the year! We are planning a small celebration for sometime this weekend to mark its passing.

This year the allergy month was easier than it has been for the last few years. Though there is no way to know all the factors that contributed to it being less intensive, I am very thankful for the lack of sleepless nights and pain that until now had been my curse.

Now the morning air fills with the sweet aroma of huckleberry flowers in bloom, the sound of bees making up for the lost winter months of gathering, and a warmth has entered the woods as the sunshine is briefly allowed in prior to the maple trees leafing out. This is certainly one of my favorite times of year and it always comes with a happy energy filling my soul with the awakening of a new year full of hope.

A small patch of Trillium near our tent where a young deer sleeps most nights.

I find myself a little torn each sunny day as I want only to go play in my garden yet there is so much needing to be done in camp that has been waiting several months. We have had a very tiring road since last summers crash which left us with the lowest our health has been so far. A lot gets left to the side to be done at a later date when life turns to mere survival.

Survival is where we have been for many months now. Through the paleo diet and the tweaking of our supplements by our talented doctor, I think we are beginning to pull out of survival mode and starting to find life again.

My body feels frail after this long road but I can tell that with the extra nutrition of the paleo diet I am slowly regaining muscle strength. It feels good to pick up an object and not feel weakness but strength. Still though, I must be ever mindful of not overdoing life in my enthusiasm to catch up the months passed and still leave enough to rejoice in the spring weather.

I will talk more about our progress in a paleo lifestyle very soon. We are at the end of three months this week and the beginning of a lifetime.


Great to hear you're back on board the Forum, Lisa.:Retro smile:

I'm very interested to hear more about your experience with the Paleo diet (having been 100% well in July-Sept 2005 on it myself).

What tweaks did you have to make for yourself & Jeremy?

(I am currently re-assessing my acid/alkaline balance. With the reduced housekeeping money these days, I seem to have tipped the acid balance too far one way).

Look forward to reading more of your posts in the coming months.
I have never heard of the Paleo diet. I will investigate. Love your pictures and your story. Thank you for writing!
Bless you, and may the renewed energy and hope grow to a fierce and unstoppable strength.
Make sure to stop and rest, before you need to. So happy to hear things are a bit better. Your woods look so beautiful.
Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for the comments. :D

Vicki - Hi! All sorts of tweaking has been going on. Still working on figuring out what does and does not cause trouble with our digestion or other body systems, so eliminating things still from the diet. Trying to find the happy place in amount of carbs (from veggies) and how we do with more protein or fat. Been slowly having to increase how much protein is allotted for each meal but I think we may have finally settled on an amount. So really just a lot of trial and error, seeing how we feel with a change, etc.

Added in a lot of fish oil recently, slowly working that up to the dose we want. I'm working on trying out some new digestive enzymes (I'm our guinea pig lol) to see if it makes any difference in digestion. Recently found out Jeremy doesn't do well with asparagus. Pulling out eggs and nuts from what we eat and having to find alternative snacks. Things of that nature. :)

Not giving much thought to the acid/base ratio just yet for ourselves though I've had thoughts on it once or twice. What do you think has thrown out your balance Vicki? How can you tell?

The Spitfire - Hello and nice to meet you! :) I have a few links on my main blog sight Sundog Tales, which are good starters for finding out about paleo. I highly recommend listening to some of Robb Wolf's podcasts, I have a link to his main site too. They list the subjects talked about in each podcast and that way you can pick and choose which you listen too and jump around in them to the more pertinent topics - like just about any topic not focused on CrossFit workouts. So about half the podcast material! :Retro smile:

Teejkay - Hiya! :) Aye, we are having a pretty decent spring this year and what a relief! It feels so very good to be getting caught back up on life a bit. We're in a raining spell right now so have been fairly tent bound, but the rest is feeling like it is recharging my batteries for the next bit of sunshine. I can't seem to stay indoors anytime it gets sunny, that bit of light on the ground is a strong magnetic force. lol :D

Jace - Hello and well met! :) Ooooh, I like that ... A fierce and unstoppable strength! I have found myself many times feeling like we are in the process of building a momentum towards a very good and happy place - first time I can ever remember feeling that way. So I very much like that image of the fierce and unstoppable strength. Thank you! :)
I had a couple of bad nights of renewed hip/lumbar pain & realised I had eaten too many acidic foods in one day.
I like to try for a balance. (80/20 in favour of alkaline foods).
And I try to eat acid & alkaline at most meals. Too much red meat or acid foods is too hard on my poor liver.

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