Brazil Neuroligist reversing M.S. & Auto Immune Disorders with High Dose Natural Vitamin D3

Brazil Neurologist successfully reverses illness in thousands of M.S. patients including auto immune disorders such as fatigue illnesses, fibromyalgia, crohn's etc etc with long term high dose natural Vitamin D3 plus daily

2.5 litres of water & no dairy food intakes 'cause dairy can increase calcium levels to high while on high dose Vitamin D3...He claims Cure but says a life long protocol treatment, he actually raises the D3 levels very high as

much as 150ng but there are absolutely no toxicities involved and M.S. lesions disapear now patients are leading normal healthy lives and are saying I use to have M.S. or other disorders...He advises also get as much

sun as you can but do not overdo on treatment & to be under Doctors care at all times plus numerous Doctors are now following his protocol across Brazil & other countries as well :) Could be a serious medical

breakthrough for all of us as well...There are numerous utube videos on the Doctor plus lots of posts across the web & there is now a group on Facebook with I believe over 8,000+ members

posting about their successful recoveries with numerous testimonials...This could be major for everyone, seems our Vitamin D levels are not what they should be the blood test is called a

P.T.H. which stands for Parathormone, if the range is in high normal it indicates you have 'partial' Vitamin 'D' deficiency, by increasing the d3 hormone gels you bring down the P.T.H

levels to mid-ranges plus depends on your body weight, anything over 10,000 i.u. Vitamin d3 you must cut out dairy entirely and reduce meats or get off them...I will post more once I know

more I await this blood test now any day :)


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