Brain Fog: How does it feel like and implications

I have been wanting to explain the general terms for the "normal" and newbies people.

Brain fog, we all experience it differently, but I will give you examples so you can identify it or understand you loved ones.

I have different levels of mental capacity depending how bad the brain fog is, and this differ from day to day and even through out the day, The more I do physically, the less I can do mentally.

  1. First thing is brain processing time is slower than normal. I still know the same things but they are like buried in oatmeal in brain and I have to swim mentally through it to find the answer. The most common one is understand a question: Let's say you ask me what is my date of birth: The first thing is I hear the question and I try to make sense of what you just said. Is like when you used to have french in school and you hear a sentence and you pick up some words and you try to make sense of what was just said to you. You get one word here and there but the whole sentence is like in a forgotten language and you need the person to repeat themselves just to make sure that you got the question.
  2. Memory: Once I understand the question, it takes me a while to find it in brain. You go through the same motions of normal person but things that you can access to your brain in milliseconds, it takes me up to a minute for me to find. Then you start freaking out because "wow I just cannot remember when I was born, what is wrong with me, I know this!!! " and when the person keeps talking, you haven't even recovered from the first question.
  3. Concentration: In my personal case. I can only follow one train of thought. If you start a simple story with only one character and one scenario I follow ok. If you add more than one character and different situations which I have to maintain in brain to understand the whole story, then I am lost.
  4. Calculation Speed: If you ask me 2+2, is the same as if I ask you square root of 264. You start like Ok how do I do square root again, then once you remember you try to find the number, then you try to calculate. On a good day you might even get 4 from me.
  5. Word retrieval: I am talking and when I try to remember words is impossible to find in brain. Some people say one word instead of another. In my case I just draw a blank.
  6. General malaise feeling in brain: For me is like a buzzing and like brain is swollen, I feel like somebody blows a balloon inside my head and sometimes it gets too full. I also Have like a high pitch noise, like tv static or crickets in brain. Get a weird pain that only lasts seconds at the time, the pain is like more a acid burning, sometimes stabbing like with something sharp and hot.
  7. Some say it feels like day to day stuff feels like trying to do math test while drunk.
If you can Add in your case, how does brain fog feels like, I would appreciate it.


8. Like an episode of "Lost in Space". Can not remember things I knew 2 seconds ago and takes time to process simple information. Read words and letters in reverse order almost like a form of dyslexia
at times I try to read (english, my language) and the words look like a foreign language, they don't register, I keep looking at them and then somtimes a few words make sense but no context. I think one word and speak different ones. At times my eyes are reading words but it is like the words hit a wall and the letters fall into a heap, I don't comprehend. Because I cant trust my memory I find myself writing notes, lists, keeping documentation due to fear of forgetting some thing important at work or at home that might harm me because my brain just is not working. And each time it happens I lose more and more confidence, I have no confidence left after over 6 yrs of fighting this and I have no fight left in me. I feel I am just going to finally stop trying to fight. Tired of defending myself, trying to explain myself when I dont understand what is going on. Doing hat the Drs say but not experiencing much progress. I have fought this battle alone and it seems so unfair that people cant see you are trying, suffering and have no answers.

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