Boron is helping

I've recently added Molybdenum and Boron right before bedtime and it is helping me sleep through the night. In the morning I'm taking Coral Calcium (power form with nothing else added) and Magnesium Glycinate.

I also wanted to note my adrenals seem to be bottoming out. I have been taking vitamin C to that effect and Pantethine and Sea Salt. But the Vitamin C really has an effect when I feel the tell-tale soreness in my lower back.

I probably also need to look into adding D3 but I think I have shy'd away from it is because I am not getting enough co-factors (K2, Boron, Zinc and Magnesium). D3 has been one of the few things besides B6 or P5P that promotes dreaming for me.

Other bedtime supps are E-complex from MRM, Beta Care-All and Fish Oil.
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Just curious, how do you know it's the boron and not the molybdenum that's helping you? And do you take any magnesium or calcium with your boron? The reason I ask is because boron is supposed to help absorption of calcium and magnesium. Also, did you start methylation again? Some people have said that that has helped them sleep.
I hope the supplements help your adrenals, but what I've found most useful is getting enough sleep (10-11 hours a night) and also limiting activities and sources of stress. Everyone is different as far as how much a person has to limit their activities, but for me that meant spending most of the day in bed. Since I had minimal social interactions, limiting sources of stress meant I stopped watching TV and movies, following politics, and reading fiction novels. Hopefully you won't have to take as drastic measures as I have had to take, but some people might.
I've taken molybenum at times and it's been hit or miss. Boron has always seemed to help when I've taken it. Spirulina has also helped a lot when my adrenals get tapped out. Similar to how Vitamin C helps but a little stronger. I don't take it anymore for the same reason I don't take Chlorella due to possible interactions with mercury.
I actually have a bottle of boron that I haven't started yet. I'd love it if it has the same effect on me as it did you. What dose are you taking? There was a buy one get one free on 6 mg, but I'm not sure I want to take that much. I might start out with half a capsule or less. Most brands are 3 mg I think. I used to eat a lot of almonds which are high in boron, but I haven't been eating as much these past 6-8 months so maybe I do need more boron.
It's Nature's Way Boron, 3mg. There is a reason the ACbl that Freddd recommends has boron ( btw if you don't buy supps from them has a wealth of anecdotal knowledge in the reviews which you can search or browse.
I'm skeptical about whether the boron in Dibencoplex makes a difference in potency. I'm not entirely convinced that Dibencoplex is better than Source Naturals' either, but they were both the same price at Vitacost so I ended up buying the Dibencoplex. Agreed about the customer reviews at iHerb. I've read literally thousands of reviews in the past few years. One thing I've learned is that one thing that works for one person doesn't always work for another.
Hey there. Calcium apparently can help sleep also.

Calcium and Tryptophan
Tryptophan is an amino acid the brain uses to make serotonin and melatonin. These two substances are neurotransmitters that slow down nerve transmissions, relaxing the brain and body and encouraging deep sleep. Calcium is necessary for the brain to convert tryptophan into melatonin, according to pediatrician and author Dr. William Sears. Dairy products, like the time-honored glass of warm milk, contain both tryptophan and calcium, making an ideal bedtime snack to get a restful night's sleep.

I found out I'm low in calcium, somebody did the test but never bothered to tell me about it. Calcium supplementing seems to irritate the stomach a bit, but apparently I'm low according to my bloodwork.
What do you mean by adrenals bottoming out? You saying the back pain might be related to adrenal fatigue?
I've heard mixed things about calcium so recently I've lowered my calcium and increased my magnesium. I'm not sure that's really helping so maybe I'll try increasing my calcium and see what happens.
Hey Lotus and Sregan. I'm figuring some stuff out, but it may still be a bit premature to make any judgements. I need to start a blog or something on that soon.

Calcium has it's good side and bad side for me. I heard that calcium can stimulate viruses from somebody on here awhile back. I also noticed that is can cause constipation and stomach irritation.

However, it gets complicated. To make a long story short, it turns out I had some blood tests a year ago that showed I'm low in calcium. I think this may be in part due to aborption issues.

To boil it all down, I'm going to keep supplementing with it for awhile. I'm pretty sure I need it and is a key ingredient in my situation.

I'll start a blog of my own soon when I get it figured out better. I think it has to do with absorbption and also some supplements I take.

I can usually tell if something is helping after a few weeks.

I'll flag you folks when I get it up.
It's really difficult to know how much of each mineral to take because everyone has different imbalances. I found this from Rich about Calcium:

"Amy Yasko warns against too much calcium, because it is involved in the process of excitotoxicity in the neurons, and that is a problem with PWME's as well as autistics.

Yes, generally speaking that ratio of calcium to magnesium is about right. However, it may be best to lower the ratio for ME/CFS, because intracellular magnesium is low in this disorder, and intracellular calcium can be too high. I think that occurs because the membrane ion pumps are not working as well as they should. One issue is low ATP production by the mitochondria, because they are dysfunctional."
Jarod, yes I get low back pain (different than when I strain my lower back muscles) when my adrenals are stressed. Taking vitamin C helps immediately. Lately I have been needing this more and more. I'm taking MCbl and MFolate still and recently the adrenals are needing attention.
Melatonin sublingual give me crazy dreams, sometimes very detailed and cool. Vitamin D is crucial for sleeping I have found in blogs and one study too.

Will start taking it soon (severely defficient in blood tests) so fingers crossed! I am not taking either Boron or Zinc but lets not think about that lol

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