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In case anyone is reading this blog I should say for that link to my quotes, I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't recommending my dosages to anyone else. That's just what I was taking at the time and the supplements I take on a day to day basis are subject to change. Rich doesn't recommend TMG in his protocol and I'm not sure what Freddd's dosages are.

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  • Night 36
    I've had a sore throat for a few days, not the typical ME sore throat...
  • Day 36 Dose 4
    Feeling a lot better this evening and more awake. I can feel the...
  • Day 36
    Lions mane 980mg + Reishi 980mg starting today Day 36 + 125mg egcg - no...
  • Day 35 - Dose 1 (+Night 34)
    Night 34: Slept pretty well. Took melatonin 1.5mg, 200mg 5-htp, 100mg...
  • Day 34 - Dose 3 + current diet
    Did quite a lot today, took 200mg egcg to attempt to block the PEM...

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