Body Odor, heavy metals and parasites

In 2004 I noticed that I had a billowing scalp odor that could not be eliminated through shampooing. The odor was extremely intense and off putting to anyone as far away as 20 to 100 feet. After many failed attempts at finding a medical diagnosis, I found a doctor near my apartment who tested for heavy metal intoxication. The results revealed twice the level of mercury and 3 times the level of lead in my urine sample. I would later learn that Doctor's Data testing only measures what the body excretes after a six-hour DMSA provocation test and not the total body burden. My doctor recommended that I have all of my mercury fillings (aka silver fillings) removed. Following the IAOMT mercury removal protocol I had all of them taken out in December, 2004 and replaced with composites in January, 2005.

I was born in Detroit Michigan and remained there for six years until my mother's second marriage to an engineer with Boeing that sent us to Seattle Washington in 1962. As the only child of color in my classroom I endured being ostracized by the other students and spent a lot of time alone. In addition, my parents were not affectionate or nurturing so I internalize the belief that something was fundamentally wrong with me. As a child, I felt it was pretty much me against the world.

My mother said that as a baby my urine smelled like ammonia. I can't confirm whether this was before or after inoculations. I also developed pneumonia at nine months olds. Other than that I always had a petite frame and remained pretty healthy. One exception was when we moved to a farm in Appleton City, Missouri where I developed a mysterious illness that brought about a high fever and delirium. After a visit to a doctor in Kansas City, he said that measles had settled in my chest which is what caused the illness.

A year and half after we left Missouri, my stepfather lost his job with Boeing and we moved back to Detroit. That is when the beatings began by my parents. By the time I was nine years old, I had developed acne.

When I became 14 my biological father stepped into the picture. He decided to oversee my dental health by taking me to a dental school. A few weeks after getting an amalgam, I developed a rash on my left ankle area that was about two inches in diameter. It would weep and ooze on several occasions during dental treatment and would appear off and on into my adult years. During the year and a half-long dental work, I remember swallowing some amalgam that escaped the suction device. I would also have unexplained bouts of anger.

As a teen my symptoms were: acne, eczema (just one lesion), antibiotic use for acne, anger, shyness, insecurity, occasional drug use-marijuana, uppers

Age 20-30 a young adult: acne, eczema moved to neck and face, antibiotic use, birth control pills, one abortion, anger, shyness, candida, mild body odor occasional drug use-marijuana, cocaine

Age 30-40: eczema, heavy bleeding, fibroids, fibroid surgery and endometrial ablation, antibiotic use, body odor

Age 40-50: travel to West Africa for 6 weeks, Japan for 2 weeks, Mexico, travel to Brazil, and Venezuela, onset of menopause, hot flashes, anger, strong body odor from head, underarms, vagina, candida, sweet taste at back of throat

Age 50-58:, strong body odor continued although I cannot smell it, mercury and lead poisoning dx, parasites dx, anger, sweet taste at back of throat, laid off from job, contemplating suicide

Note about parasites. I went to the doctor who diagnosed heavy metals and told him that I was seeing parasites in my stool. We gave me a stool test. I put a parasite in the stool test and mailed it to the lab. It came back negative. I went to a parasitologist Dr. Kevin Cahill with the same complaints as well as pictures that I had taken of the worms. He took a stool and blood test that both came back as negative. In a written letter to me he said that the images he saw were probably food particles. The following year I went to Dr. Savely Yurkovsky who uses FCT (field control therapy). He identified 5 different parasites in my body: acanthocephalan, platyhelminthes, nemathelminthes, taenia SG, and taenia SL. He prescribed homeopathic remedies. He also treated me for solvents, pesticides, antibiotics, mercury and lead, candida, kidney, lymph, adrenals, EMF sensitivity, and the list goes on. During my 2012 visit with hime, I was told that I had a lot of mercury and a lot of worms in my body. In addition to seeing Dr. Yurkovsky, I saw a holistic psychiatrist on Long Island. He applied neural therapy treatments to my head, did some energy medicine work and prescribed supplements. During my last and final visit, he said the problem was "in my head".

After years of doctors visits and thousands of dollars spent, I am still plagued with uncontrollable body odor. The odor is so intense that it travels outside of my apartment into the hallway causing great consternation among the tenants on the floor and the property management staff. I have become a complete recluse. And because I cannot tolerate sulfur foods or proteins, I am thinner than I was already.

Protocols that I developed or read about for heavy metal detox include Andy Cutler’s protocol of dmsa and ala that I discontinued because of kidney issues and the many inconveniences it caused, IV ozone therapy that I stopped because I didn't like how my lungs felt afterwards, ionic foot bath treatments to my head and liver have done a total of 46 to date. I drinking 16 ounces of ozone water in the mornings on an empty stomach. Daily vitamin supplements regime includes Solgar sublingual Liquid B12 with B complex (non methyl), Liver Life by BioRay, Vitamin Code Raw D3 by Garden of Life, Citramins II by Thorne, PB8 veg probiotic, Serrazimes systemic proteolytic enzymes, Evening primrose oil, Unique E mixed tocopherols, diatomaceous earth for parasites, J. Crow's lugols solution 2% iodine.

Note when I started using ionic foot bath treatments to my head, the odor grew more expansive. For example if I went to Central Park, the odor would span about 100 or more feet. I believe that the odor is not as expansive after 46 treatments, but it is still very much a problem to someone standing close by. One thing is that as I did the ionic foot bath treatments to my head, I would see lots of heavy metal particles and white foam which represents yeast. My ears would drain the following day and the smell was fungal. After the last treatment, the earwax no longer smells pungent.

Another major problem is eating foods high in sulfur or protein. An hour after the food is digested and the day after, the odor will expand to the point where no one wants to stand close to me and it will encompass an entire room. I don’t know what it smells like so I am at a loss for how to describe the current odor. In fact, I can’t even pay someone to tell me! In the past one co-worker said it smells like smelly feet, another said it smells like dirty hair. Back in 2004, one friend said it smelled like decaying onions and garlic this was said after I ate crayfish étouffée. In 2008, I was told that it smelled like something dead. My family has been completely useless on the subject.

Please look at the attached variance report to tell me what I might need to overcome the issues I have listed in my very long post. Most thanks and appreciation.



Without being an expert at all, I am thinking of fungus. What about anti fungal treatments, from herbs to vinegar, from topical to ingested types. Safest stuff first. Fungi take off when the immune system is poor. Maybe an immunologist could also give you medication to improve your immune system. There are herbs and even medicinal mushrooms which can help. Probiotics also come to mind. My sympathies for the nightmares you have been going through, from symptoms to treatments without resolution. All the best!

Sounds like there could also be some genetic mutations coming into play, perhaps it would be worthwhile to get a 23andme test done?
#Martial-I loaded the 23andme raw data into Livewello and posted the snps in the attached file above. Thanks for your post.
#Sing - Yes it is definitely fungal and the mercury in my brain, gums and jaw is what keeps it there. I'm taking Liverlife which contains healing mushrooms and anti fungal herbs. I take diatomaceous earth, iodine with apple cider vinegar, Vit C.. There has got to be something that I can take to get me over the hump. Many thanks for your post.
Sounds like you really have to get that mercury out, Julie. If you are mercury-toxic, nothing's going to work completely till you've cleared that. What were the inconveniences the Cutler protocol caused?

I developed full-blown kidney disease whilst I was on the Cutler protocol - then cured it (Chinese herbs & diet) whilst I was still on the protocol. I.e. I don't think chelation was a factor.
I too had a severe body odor problem. After visiting Dr Mercola's facility they mainly diagnosed me with a severe gut imbalance. They prescribed FCT treatments where they isolated a severe mercury toxicity problem as the deeper issue. After about 1.5 yrs of monthly FCT I was able to get the Mercury out. After the ongoing FCT treatment I have had some lessening of the symptoms of body odor but honestly it still was pretty strong. I next was recommended what is known as the GAPS diet which is a protocol developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to help heal and seal the gut lining. According to Dr Mercola's head doctor he said that all body order originates in the gut. If the gut is out of balance with yeast etc thats what causes the strong body odor. I've been on the GAPs protocol now for several months and its the only thing that has really worked. You can google Dr. Natasha's work and you will see tons of posts by Dr. Mercola. I highly recommend her book called "gut and psychology syndrome" which she has admitted she should have named gut and physiology syndrome. It focuses on very large doses of probiotics and fermented foods as well as eliminating a number of foods that hinder the re-balancing of the gut. If you just want some temporary relief of the body odor I've only been able to find one combination to really get rid of it. EO Organic Deodorant Spray (which has organic alcohol in it to kill the bacteria) and after using this use "herbal Magic" roll-on deodorant. Amazon sells both of them. They aren't cheap but they work. I have tried every combination known to man and it seems after a week or two I become immune to them. This is the only combination that has worked to get rid of the body odor. If you want links to anything I'd be happy to post them. Hope this helps. Regards -C
#C Thank you for the post. I too have had FCT treatments, but discontinued them in favor of using ionic footpath treatments. I run a shallow bath of filtered water and pink himalayan sea salt before placing the allay next to my head or liver to excrete heavy metals. I've done about 48 treatments and while the odor is still apparent, it is less so than before the treatments. My guess is that the odor is related to a methylation issue related to a mutation of CBS C699T. According to my genetic genie report, CBS up regulation has been clinically observed to result in sulfur intolerance in some patients. Since being diagnosed with HM's in 2005, sulfur foods have been a problem. Just recently I discovered that foods high in methionine are also a problem because it is a sulfur containing amnio acid. The odor smells like dirty hair which is probably related to my body's inability to metabolize sulfur compounds. There may be other odors that I have not been able to detect due to olfactory adaptation. I will look a the GAPS protocol. I might also get another FCT treatment to see where I stand in the healing process. Thank you again. RP

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