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Timeline of Research into The Davis Nanoelectronic Assay To Diagnose ME/CFS

In this blog, I'm going to try to document all scientific sources of information about the Davis Nanoelectronic Assay used to Diagnose ME/CFS. By "scientific sources of information", I mean papers, conference proceedings, blog postings, letters to the editor, and anything else which (1) contains research data and (2) is written/presented by the the researchers themselves. So If somebody runs a test of any kind, and publishes data on the results anywhere, I will add it to this blog.

I should have done this for XMRV, starting when that first research paper came out, since it would have created a useful an interesting timeline of events. I missed the boat then, but I'm not going to miss it now. If you see any information published about the nanoelectronic assay, please send me a private message, and I'll add it to the list.

I don't plan to add any discussion, but I will add some summary data (like abstracts), and maybe some other information (like promoter scores).