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Protocol for ME/CFS induced by herpes veridai viruses

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As per Joshua's protocol listed in his research papers and the main thread, I've decided to give the protocol a try as I feel the science stacks up and it could get me further than I have on my own.

I've recently been taking and had good success with thiamine so I am continuing with that at about 400mg a day. I've been taking it for 2 weeks. I've also been taking probiotics for about 4 weeks with some success and a small energy uptick. So that should be bared in mind.

Other than that I started today with the sodium benzoate, pantothenic acid, glycine and cysteine. So far I've just felt dizzy and had a little extra pressure in my head with occipital lymph node swelling. I've had occipital swelling since about February. So I am interested to see how the first 4 days go on the ammonia/toxin purging part of the process and then onto the main protocol listed in Josh's v3 protocol document consisting of:

Paththenic acid
Creatine Mohodrate
Green tea extract
Lions Mane
Oat Bran
Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate instead of ascorbic acid)
Liposamal Glutathione


Dietary changes (essentially a keto style diet, but with 85g carbs).

I'm currently expecting to be high as a kite on the reishi and possibly the effects of the oat bran if similair. But I am interested to see how I respond with the adjunctive therapies as they all do different things.