My journey through University with CFS

The room is small and dingy, with a table, TV and some chairs. The walls are white, but you can tell it has been a while since they were painted. I sit for a moment staring through the window into nothingness, the rain lightly falls, but it doesn’t register, my brain is switched off. Suddenly I notice the light has faded and it now seems dark, the afternoon has gone by with sporadic moments of productivity. The last two days were a write off because my energy has been low, so today I changed where I studied, in a social study room, but I haven’t manage to get much done.

My ability to focus just isn’t there at the moment. I can pinpoint exactly when my energy dipped, it was at the end of last term, as I said goodbye to one of my friends, who left to go back to Germany. I miss both my Erasmus friends’ lots. They were a core part of my friendship group which feels lost now, I still see my other friends occasionally, but not as regularly as last term. I just feel sad at the moment.

Logically it is quite simple, I need to meet more people to find a person who can become a good friend, with their positive impact having the potential to transform my health, which I know from past experience. So next week I am going to make a real effort to try new societies, give it my all, and hope things go my way.

The Harry Potter books were a treasured childhood experience, they were just such a joy to read, I felt like I could easily identify with trials and tribulations of Harry. So when I came to university the prospect of joining the Quidditch society should have been enticing, instead I thought it looked stupid, but now I see potential in meeting people who I have something in common with, while taking part in a sport that isn’t too physical. There is always hope…

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