My ability to create makes an a appearance for short periods, little and far inbetween so this is result... Poem by: Sonja Steyn 11-1-11 We are fighting this on our own. So few on our side, mostly us alone. Even less to understand. Who's...
I am forever fighting, forever trying something else, forever reading, looking for new research, someone Else's story of recovery, a new supplement or something that helped someone else. It took me a long time just to except the cfs diagnosis. How can a "syndrome" make you feel worse than...
I am flat on my back again.....soooo tired. After 23yr with cfs will I ever get used to these total wipe outs:Retro mad: well at least I can be thank full for the fact that I am not bedridden anymore. I asked myself what happened, why the crash....maybe because I had to take another verbal abuse...

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