Breath of a Wolf’s Trail

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Greetings to All,

I decided to try a blog here on this forum, the only forum I’ve ever been apart of. For those of you who are not familiar with my Story, here is the direct link. There are many more details in the thread below the main story:

I'm retired Spec-Ops Officer, Jujitsu Grandmaster, Explorer/Adventurer, Teacher, Artist and Writer living in the mountains of New England and who has been dealing with progressive ME/CFS/PEM and Dysautonomia since 2006. Currently house and bed bound.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post, as I am housebound and many days bedbound. I have vision/eyesight that literally comes and goes depending upon the severity of my symptoms from day to day.

I went from a life of being outdoors for an average of 90% of the time to a life of being inside for 99% of the time. However, I do not seek sympathy, nor am I prone to self pity. I’ve lived a hard life and a full life in 50 years. As my story tells, I was raised in the country and mountains, trained with a Native American Elder in my youth, spent almost 40 years in martial arts, worked in JSOC, S.O.G and agency paramilitary spec-ops for just shy of 20 years, ran 2 wilderness survival and skills schools and ran a martial arts school. I taught specialized close-quarter combat to law enforcement, military and civilians. My travels brought me from Canada down to Argentina and from coast to coast. And now I spend a good percentage of my time in bed and the world has become something through a window… for now.

When I wasn't on assignment I was training, mountain climbing, trekking through wilderness all over the western hemisphere and traveling.

I don’t believe in one perspective or the “right” or “wrong” of individual perspectives. We are all individuals with unique personal experiences and histories that give us bias, judgements and prejudice. We each have personal views based upon those uniquenesses. Whatever I write in this blog is just that, a view and not The View. It is a simple act of sharing and I’ve no intention or desire to try to convince anyone of anything, nor do I have the desire or energy to argue about anything.

I think my plan is to write articles dealing with a variety of ideas and findings based upon my own path and experiences. My hope is that some of what I write might interest, and even more so, assist some folk who might read. I will perhaps also share some of my past adventures ,just for a change of pace and some entertainment.

Here is hoping for the best - onward with Breath of a Wolf’s Trail!