blog or not to blog

So I stopped blogging because I figure the Blog is public. What a dilemma. These are very embarrassing thoughts and personal feelings, I don't mind helping here and exposing myself after all the things that we share with each other. I am just not sure I am ready to open that to the world.

But apparently some people are following my progress so I decided to sacrifice for the grater good.

Update: I crashed Sunday, it was: cannot move type of crash, a very brutal and humbling one. No warning whatsoever, just wham! I just had time to say I need to lay down for a few minutes and go to the bed. I was not able to speak or go to restroom. Not sure if it was the no-no trip to Walmart (my archenemy) or my previous 2 mile exercise. I rested Sunday and Monday. Today I did 2.5 miles walking, and just lay down most of the day. I was trying to get out some frustration. Which I will explain in a separate entry (as a courtesy of those who have issues following long text, myself included).

Physically, I am having gas, Buzz in brain and burning in spine, But I did ice on head and spine this morning and doing again as I type so not so bad. Not so bad physically, actually pretty good I would say!!!!
Mentally, Not so good there. I am starting to realized the implications of my limitations. See my next blog for details.


Keep blogging 007! We need to vent our spleen about the ordeal of this illness. You are in good company.

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