Big week coming up - XMRV results due

Big hugs, Katie. Every time one of us is tested, it feels like another piece of the puzzle is dropping - just still hard to know where it lands. All of this is hard, but no harder than laying in bed and growing old without knowing why. Here's to answers!!


More hugs, Katie!!! Good good luck to you. We are all hoping that you get the results that you want. Regardless of what happens, please know that there are many many of us out here who are behind you make that 1000%!

We love you,

hope you do test positive katie, I would if it were me. don't be bummed if you don't though, there's still a lot of good and hopeful things happening right now.
Hey Katie,

keeping my fingers crossed and thinking of you. I hope you will get the result you hope for, and I can totally relate to your feelings.

Having ME is all about thousands of questions and never getting an answer, I state which I find most distressing. I want the answer, no matter what it is because having it and not knowing is always worse than knowing. At least you can make your peace with that.

Bug hugs to you, Katie. I am sure no matter what the outcome, you will find something good in it.

Best of from another 13 year-er:thumbsup: we're all:worried::scared: but hoping for the best:Sign Good one:

My thoughts will be with you Katie this week. I hope your results come soon and so at least you will know.
Katie - remember that the WPI is coming up with a new more refined test (I guess you're getting the PCR/Culture test?). I believe they're coming up with an antibodies test. Even if you're negative now you might not be negative later - Dr. Mikovits said they are going to retest all the negative tests.
I've got my fingers crossed for you Katie. Your post spoke for many or most of us you know. Whatever happens you have our support and understanding.


I called Biolabs at lunchtime and got through to man, he said that they are still awaiting results from samples taken before Christmas so I think we may be in for a bit of a wait. Good luck Katie, I know how you feel..!
Thinking of you Katie- today I just saw that VIP charged my card, so I guess they are done with my blood- also living with the anticipation of the incoming results. Hang in there.

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