Best place to test for Lyme disease.

My daughter age 33 was diagnosed with CFS seven years ago.
We have been reading about Lyme disease and know the test in the U.K. where we live is unreliable.
I have heard there are labs. in other countries who do private tests which are accurate.
Does anyone please have the details of the labs. and which tests to request and what they cost please.
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Many thanks Elaine


I would make a thread in the "Tests" subforum better than putting it in a blog. Much more people respond to threads!
Thank you, just realised I have put it in the wrong place, thank you for replying.
Arminlabs (Go to Academy of Nutrtional Medicine in the UK), they'll order the kits from Germany.
Infectolabs (Was associated to the Dr who set up Arminlabs). Contact them and they'll send kits out.

REDLABS (Contact them in Belgium and they send a kit). Ideally if you can travel go to Beligum and see Dr De Meirleir at his clinic called Himmunitas. Search it online and you'll find a contact number.

IGENEX (Contact them in the US and they send a kit)
If you have the money get all the testing methods from Germany, not just the IgG/IgM antibodies (serology).

1) CD3/CD57 NK cells: (This is not a Lyme test, but used in Lyme). Patients with Lyme often have low CD3/CD57 levels leading to increased risk of infection.
2) Immunoblot
3) Elispot
4) PCR

The two tier British/CDC test is official but a joke in terms of accuracy. Most importantly it only looks for 1 strain using one method. Also the ELISA test is mostly useless. for Lyme. The German tests (and REDLABS especially) use more accurate methods and looks for multiple strains. The UK test looks for one strain, and also doesn't do PCR or doesn't look at white blood cell response (Lymphocte Transformation Test - LTT) which the Germans do.

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