Belated Birthday Report / Delivering the Goods / Gratitude

That was unexpected. Like totally.. as I received numerous birthday cards from the Phoenix Rising faithful (and super colorful balloons). Thank you kindly.

Yesterday was likely my first celebrated birthday since 2014. Or possibly, it's that I was more or less unresponsive for a couple of those super severe ME/CFS years early on, and something birthday-like may have occurred.

So you know, the last time I had this many balloons was for my 30th birthday. A couple of my carpool co-workers (they had cars, I did not) picked me up for work after having decorated the backseat interior with tombstones, skulls and crossbones, and of course, skull and crossbone balloons… Oh, and then blew all kinds of confetti in my face and hair, which I shed much of the workday.

Indeed, it was an appreciated effort. Back then, 30 years old seemed… old.

Otherwise, Sunday went off without a hitch. The first person I heard from was my high-school girlfriend in Alabama, USA. And she always texts me early early early in the morning, not even considering that I am a full two hours earlier than she is. But despite the earliness, we had a nice exchange. It's difficult to fathom that we've been going back and forth for 39 years already. Heck, I don't even feel 39 years old. Not really.

Oh, and I had three just-after-midnight birthday well wishes. Yep. These people know who they are. Although only one of them is from The Rising Crew. She knows who she is. But she also knew I was wide awake at that time. The others have absolutely no excuse! Haha!

Later, as the sun rose and I found my way outdoors, I spoke with my two sisters. Then, my mother. And of course, my medical advocate. Also, and probably most importantly, I received a call letting me know that my vehicle warranty had expired. I can't believe I let my vehicle warranty lapse… again! What ever shall I do?

My older sister and I mostly discussed church issues. Problems involving particular personalities pontificating. Right? Was that what we talked about? Either way, plenty of social science was involved. Behaviorism. Carl Rogers. Mister Rogers. Rodgers and Hammerstein, One-upmanship. Metaphysical needs not being met. And of course, an inordinate amount of malapropisms.

My little sister and I talked about her new house, and how my mother is supposed to be moving into that new house once it's been completed. This has been an ongoing saga. The house has been under construction for 17 months. Arizona has problems in that area (ok, in ALL areas!). Not enough workers, not enough supplies. Or at least, that's what I've heard. In any case, my mother is supposed to eventually move into this house up north, and in doing so, good things are supposed to happen as a direct result.

Also In regards to my birthday, an additional celebratory event was scheduled to take place, but that had to be put off. I was scheduled to indulge in pleasure eating, wherein I would eat something, but not actually eat something.

The main reason why I was unable to participate had much to do with my disagreeable innards. But fortunately, my innards are back online. A temporary setback. Hooray!

So thanks to each of you, the cards, balloons, and the three pairs of shorts were much appreciated. Angela is going to come in here and label the heck out of everything later this week (I also received ten pairs of underwear from Massachusetts, USA).

Medical Jazz

Do you know what's coincidentally odd? Ever since covid, ever since having taken a billion and one medications all at the same time, my nail fungus / psoriasis has gone away. I'm wondering what that means. My fingernails look normal and healthy. But prior to covid, going back to the last decade (as I became ill), I've needed to take consistent probiotics each and every day or else the nail problems would prominently reassert, as would the scalp problems. What I also know is that UVB light directly eliminates scalp issues. So it could also just be a matter of me being in the sunshine. Or at least, helping things along. Or maybe it's all part of some anti-autoimmune type of activity.

Care and Compassion Received

I'm having really good people experiences with staff in this particular wing of the building. It's where I moved to initially, after my deceased roommate tested positive for covid. I now have two regular CNAs in my rotation that are absolutely outstanding. Each is personable and improbably present. And with me that goes a long way. I am still also seeing and experiencing other staff members (my favorites from Wing #2) when I am out in the courtyard. They'll typically stop by, hang out long enough to check in, and openly discuss this and that.

¡¡¡Locked Inn!!!

And now, we the residence of blah blah blah… are back in LOCKDOWN!

That means I'm not supposed to go outside for the next two weeks, at least. I am marooned. Grounded. Stuck. Embedded in bed. Blanketed. Tucked in.

Today wasn't so bad though. Angela hung out for 45 minutes. CNA #1 35 minutes. CNA #2 15 minutes. The nurse stopped by and tried to give me drugs (which nearly occupied two interesting minutes… but I didn't take the drugs. Remember, I am now drug-free! But maybe I should have taken the drugs. Perhaps I could have traded the drugs for easy access outdoors!).

The Views

And then of course I nearly have a panoramic view of the outdoors less than a metre away from my face. The whole Northern Exposure is right in front of me, including:

Lots and lots of cerulean sky blue, a car wash, desert scrub, pedestrians padding along, palm trees, parked automobiles, the pedestrian overpass, my flyby hawk, Blink Mountain, and plants breezy blowing!

So again, thanks and appreciation. I will attempt to affix images to this posting. Relevant images. Cards. And such. I had a very special birthday. :)

Take care,




Your birthday! Well better late than never :) You know in Scandinavia is is bad luck to wish someone a happy birthday before it comes around... and in some extreme cases even down to the minute one was born. So better be a bit late :) Happy Birthday and may your personal New Year bring you the healing, happiness, and freedom you deserve!
A 2 week lockdown! You need to devise a way to get in and out your window ;)
OK, Howard & @Nord Wolf....just to be on the safe side, I'm wishing you a very happy birthday that is somewhat late. Does that make everyone feel better? No jitters or anything like that? Personally, I'm just greatly relieved that I remembered the date and managed to at least get a card off....but it those Scandinavians want to behave that way, then so be it!

Howard, you had quite the day while the rest of us were freezing, or so it seemed. You're aren't overdoing it with being outside too much at once are you? Although why do I ask. My mother was in a TB Sanitorium for over a year and boy, they had those folks bundled up and sent out on to ice cold porches every morning. The day was spent there. Special Addendum: After a year they decided that she didn't even have TB and indeed it turned out to be something akin to it and she spent almost another year in the hospital. See how things change.?

Her b'day was in December, so there's no chance that either of you could catch the disease she had (brought on by the terrible pollution in the UK at the time).

They certainly never had palm trees in that part of the country, either. No, it was ice cold temps. that helped. Things were so bad in the UK that there were oxygen masks at the end of each street, Now I've read where the Thames has been so cleaned up that colonies of seals live on it. Now that's good environment at work!

I know we're all delighted that you had that kind of b'day, even if Wolf was a day late with his greetings....I hadn't heard that one before. As I keep saying, there's so much to learn, isn't there? Happy January b'days to one & all. Yours, Lenora
What a great display of Birthday Missives! I say birthdays last for at least a week.

How are the hawks doing?

I've resumed checking in on a particular Eagle Cam. Something about seeing her there, adjusting twigs, gazing down at the surprisingly early arrival of Egg # 1. Oh, that egg arrived on @Howard's birthday!

Stumbled into this particular Eagle couple, last year, the day before one of those chicks didn't make it. Oh bad timing.

Better luck this year. And by checking on this eagle, well if its windy up there, it informs me of how windy is it here, five counties away (and down-breeze).

well that's quite a list of folks checking in on your birthday. How nice.....
Hey Rufous.....So another TB Wannabe, huh? My mother was in the hosp in the '40's and I can remember her coughing huge amounts of blood on all of the walls....I don't know how she survived, especially given the size she was.

TB was another monster a number of years ago. Interesting history and buildings....of which there is nothing left b/c we have a tremendous penchant for tearing our old buildings down. Why? Sure, upkeep is expensive, but tear some buildings down and charge an extra $.25 for admission to others. We sure know how to keep the tourists coming....and the day will come when they won't because we destroyed so much. A great pity.

The place my mother was in is now long gone. She later went on to have a lung removed while she was 5 mos. pregnant with her 5th child. Imagine!! She never did gain weight, was always tiny but did escape with her life with a huge scar. I'll bet that sucker really hurt....and having to cough after surgery like that.! Unlike her daughter, she never complained. Yours, Lenora
@Nord Wolf

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I opened one birthday card prematurely (the one from Lenora), as I didn't realize people would be sending them to me in the first place. I trust that's not part of the Scandinavian Curse, or at least that's what I need to trust at this point in time. :)

A 2 week lockdown! You need to devise a way to get in and out your window ;)
And here's the thing, I can indeed escape… headlong through the window screen and onto the gravel embankment just below. Getting back inside, well that's going to be a problem. And making such an effort would almost be worth it, if we were on the sunny side. Right now with this darned northern exposure we are very well shaded. :)

Great writing, by the way (re: blog entries) -

You're aren't overdoing it with being outside too much at once are you?
My energy seems to be back up where I was, or at least in the ballpark. At this moment, I'm working hard to find documentation that supports my medical needs to be outdoors and imminently exposed to direct sunlight. And really, there are studies that do support this. My Medical Advocate is ready and willing to pounce, but I'm taking the patient approach, hoping they flip the script for me on their own.

How are the hawks doing?
Funny you should ask, the black hawk circled just above my window before heading off west by southwest earlier today. It's wingspan was likely shy of 3 ft, versus the larger brown colored hawks, the two of them.

I also saw the coloring underneath three days ago up close, and it's sporting a sort of got a grayish-white pattern design. And of course, my less than detailed observation is useless, as I don't know anything about hawks, or really any other birds. But you already know this. LOL

Eagle Cam is cool! When I used to live somewhere, I enjoyed watching the bird feeder ones on the flat screen (via YouTube). However, my former cat used to get easily agitated. Or possibly intrigued. Sometimes it's hard to know with felines.

Your Psoriasis might have improved if you had Steroids when you had covid
Steroids.. Hmmm. I know they were discussing that option when I was in the hospital, but I lost track of what exactly they were administering. I should probably find these things out. Make determinations. Inquire.

Either way, I'm amazed at how healthy my fingernails look... Probably good enough right now for fingernail modeling! .. if that's truly a thing.

Since receiving disability may never be a thing, I should probably focus on other means to acquire money while holed-up in here. LOL
Yes, we have at least 3 good "blogsters" on at the moment.

All have different subjects, ways of writing and lots of information. Thanks for being a part of our group.

Above all, please take good care of your families and yourselves. No more COVID, right? Yours, Lenora
UPDATE: I am now allowed to go outside, beneath the Cerulean Blue Sky!

There's some HIPAA stuff involved, so I cannot explain in detail, but in the least, I am quite pleased. My desire to achieve between 60 and 80 ng/mL of Pure Vitamin D (yes, yes, hormone D, LOL) is strong. May the upswing continue, as we all launch into the stratosphere! Or the troposphere, if you're into that sort of thing.

Okay then.
As you were. :) good to hear you are on the upswing! Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.:xeyes:

@Rufous McKinney ..............I love the Big Bear Eagle Cam. I spent hours yesterday observing and just being with Mama Eagle who I've named Shanti. I even started a journal writing down my observations even down to breaths per minute during the day and night. She hid her head and face in her feathers last night ever so often. I don't know if this is normal or the light from camera was bothering her. She re-positions herself approx every 15-30 minutes. At night it wasn't as often. Each re-position comes with a little adjusting of the nest, tossing a few twigs here and there. She doesn't make any bird sounds that often. This morning she did and I got the feeling she was maybe calling her mate? She briefly flew away from the nest this morning and made another eagle call.

There's another small bird/s who I think is hanging out below the nest or somewhere very near. I hear him/her ever so often make his bird sound and then peck a little bit at the bark. Little bird made a brief appearance yesterday atop the outskirts of the nest. Shanti just stared at him. I think there is a husband/wife duo because sometimes it's more than one sound and it sounds like they are arguing..............but maybe not...............maybe just excited about something.

Eagle mate just showed up.............just now! ..............and it didn't take long for her to make an exit. Well I guess I don't know which one is the male and which is the female?

Anyhoo, it's been great so far to witness Nature at its finest up close.:)

Edited to add: Female is supposed to be larger than the Male and have a larger Beak size in depth. I think now I was observing the male yesterday. Mama flew in briefly this morning but didn't stay long. Dad is now back.
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I trust that's not part of the Scandinavian Curse, or at least that's what I need to trust at this point in time. :)
Ha, ha, I think you're pretty safe ;)
Great writing, by the way (re: blog entries) -
Many Thanks Howard, appreciated.
Right now with this darned northern exposure we are very well shaded
We are located on the north side of a mountain, facing north in the mountains of northern New England... I do know about northern exposure and no real sun from about mid October through mid April! :)
UPDATE: I am now allowed to go outside, beneath the Cerulean Blue Sky!
Awesome! Get some rays :cool: Our first real natural dose of Vit D for the years won't be for another 3 months. If there was a snowman emoji I'd stick in in here :)
Hi Howard.....Still on the upswing, I hope. I've noticed that you really like that phrase Ceurulean Blue Sky, don't you? Well, I can't say that I blame anyone who fails to notice what must be a hypnotic color of blue called cerulean, would you?

Yes, there are 3 of you who are interesting blogsters (???) at the moment. If I'm wrong in describing you, then I apologize to all of you).

See, you each have your area of expertise shall we say, and can easiily pass this on to one or the other. I would say the same is true of me. OK.....quiet time in this household and many across the seas. Watch yourself very careful. Much
beneath the Cerulean Blue Sky
love the term Cerulean....and so do you it used it twice!

Reminds me of what now seems to be a closed chapter: That I would Paint.

Part of this need I had to paint a Picture (clarifying, that) because once upon a time I did that....well its very SAD that I"ve packed it all up. Maybe not permanently, but for now.

And colors were my big challenge, so I spent MANY hours here, late at night watching the Water Color You tube videos and studying actual color theory.

So maybe your sky really is Cerulean. I understand its a specific category of Sky Color, with many opinions about what geographies are more cerulean than others.

I"d hoped to finally take out this very SPECIAL tube of blue. It was formulated for the 100th annniversary of some European pigment makers.

DUMONTS BLUE. Whatever is this blue, its a great mystery as I never opened that tube.

Back in the day, whenever Donavan sang: Alizarin Crimson....I"d get immediately enchanted by the sound of it. (thats a red) (cool red) (meaning it has blues in it)
.I love the Big Bear Eagle Cam. I spent hours yesterday observing and just being with Mama Eagle who I've named Shanti
Oh, thats so very cool. I'll call her Shanti, Too!

I watched them last year quite a bit. A second male drama happened I got in showed up causing general distress to Shanti.

I'll try harder to see if I can tell between the male- In was thinking there must be something to key in on...

She sent out a big call sitting there last week and my husband and I both were nicely startled. And last year, she called several times and we are looking out our window thinking "our hawks" were up to something. (oops) (its the TV)

I'm "reasonably sure" the camera is using infra red at nite. So the eagle doesn't "experience" that she is lit up. its like a black and white image when the sun is gone.

And sometimes I feel a bit odd: like do I have the right to invade this animals privacy?

I missed the other little bird, must look for... These big nests have unique beetles and possibly other insects and the little bird might be bug hunting.
m "reasonably sure" the camera is using infra red at nite. So the eagle doesn't "experience" that she is lit up. its like a black and white image when the sun is gone.
Yes, you are correct. I looked up some of the Eagles history yesterday and it was mentioned that infra red was used. I found out their names are Jackie and Shadow, but I'm still calling the female Shanti.............besides I think Shanti and Shadow sound cool together!

Interesting you mentioned at times feeling a bit you were invading their privacy. I feel that at times too.

As far as telling them apart, I thought that yesterday I had seen 2 black dots on the females lower beak yesterday that I didn't see on the Male............but now I'm not sure. (it might have been bits of coot she ate yesterday) I measured both of their beaks and Shanti's measures more in depth. I have a measuring tape nearby so if I really wanted to know which one I was observing , i just measure the beak and I know right away. (yes......I'm really getting into this!) Also, it seemed to appear that Shanti's white headdress was a little more shabby looking than Shadow's. His looked more smooth.............but that could depend on the time of day..............she's in the nest all night..........maybe it's bed head!

I happened to be watching when Shadow brought her some prey yesterday (coot according to the comments)and then went back out and brought back some prey for himself (not sure what it was) and they had lunch together. At first I thought he had brought back a dead blackbird/raven that was trying to rob the nest cause all I saw was this black blob and Shanti was plucking feathers....... but according to others it was coot.
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as I don't know anything about hawks, or really any other birds. But you already know this. LOL
well we start out not knowing diddly squat. You decide, since you can tune in to hawk TV, to dip into Hawks...a bit more.

and the major ornithologists, why they like to ID birds by sound and never even try to look for them. To heck with binoculars- so SOUNDS are right up your alley, @Howard.

I found out their names are Jackie and Shadow,
Oh yes, I knew that!

I love your measuring tape.

I was doing my own little southwestern pond turtle study, when I lived by the creek and after big floods washed all the vegetation away. I can count the turtles. I can watch them sunbathing! At least 30 were out there.

so I put a tape measure OUT on the boulders- out where they were so I could estimate size more readily- (sort of trying to classify the group by age class/size class.)

Last year I"d take breaks in the late summer to watch the bear's catch salmon in a water fall.

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