Beached whales, dental hygiene and wabbling

I really meant to talk about some impending medical stuff...the kind that resembles the ghost of christmas future knocking on the door..but i just couldn't focus....hence we have beached whales, dental hygiene and wabbling. :oops:


Maria, it is very nice to "meet" you, thank you for sharing a piece of you! You are a funny chick! I hope you keep up with your monologues it brightened my day!
Thanks for posting your video. You are a great 'lie-down comedian', funnier than most of the 'stand-up comedians' out there. And I like your serious comments too. Thanks for broadcasting to us.:Retro smile:
Ha ha!!! Thats it!! Shes Tennesee s no 1 lie-down comedian!!! Keep 'em comming Maria! Both the serious and the entertaining.

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