Be aware of the vulnerable among us

Friday, July 24, 2009

I posted an article on Ncubator yesterday called No Disability for Jody. Since then Ive received two lovely emails from friends who were shocked to learn of my state of affairs. I appreciated these so much.

It got me thinking, though. And I want to clarify something.

This is not a new situation for me and my family. I didnt write about it for us, really. I wrote it for the untold others who are in the same situation or worse.

I wrote it to inform the able-bodied people out there who have no idea that this can happen in a country like Canada. Or the U.S. Or Australia, England, or pick a country, any country.

It can happen everywhere. And it does.

That was the point I wanted to make. That the safety net of this and other countries is failing. And vulnerable people fall through it every day.

Just be aware.


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