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Ball of confusion (SNPS are in)

23 & Me results courtesy Genetic Genie:
MTHFR C677T +/+ (I understand this is the party bus)
MTR A2756 +/+
MAO-A R297R +/+ (I know, I only have the good ones!)
VDR Taq +/+
VDR Bsm +/+
CBS C699T +/- (not sure if this is meaningful)

So, while waiting for Nutrevel results, I am combing through Caledonia's helpful SNP guide, Heartfixer etc to get a handle on what these might mean. At first I got all worked up about CBS and was thinking I should do a low sulfur diet for a week to try that out. Not a bad idea I'm sure but- I really find myself craving kale. Maybe wait till Nutreval comes back to see if this is something I should focus on.

Meanwhile- in order to study up for Nutreval, I quit all supplements for 4 days before the test and am now slowly adding them back. After quitting them all I felt worse (2 days) then better- interesting!

(And also, now my lymph nodes are getting chatty again- after going silent for awhile- quitting the NAC? infections flaring back up?) I quit the lauricidin a couple weeks ago after the third week of being on it and feeling sicker as I increased the dose. I guess I could try it again and stick with 1/4 scoop but I kind of want to work on the methylation part first for a bit.

I always thought Vitamin D was pretty innocuous- apparently (thanks to PE) that is not true for all. I added it back this am and felt ICK. Anyway it's summer so maybe I can get by with sunlight therapy (and interestingly I can't even stand very much of that either) rather than supplementing for a little while and then try a smaller dose of D later and see if I tolerate that better.

I'm thinking maybe I'll stay off of NAC, as per Fredd protocol, until trying to start a methylation protocol maybe next week.

I don't go to my office these days, but researching on all this it does feel like I HAVE a job!

Speaking of. It was my 5 month illness anniversary the other day. Work has been super patient so far but I know I won't be able to go on like this forever. I think I managed to work maybe 5 hours last week. I am feeling so much better now that I (hypothesis) quit the daily multivitamin and B-complex I was taking (although maybe it's not being on lauricidin too). So many variables.

ALSO hyperacusis has backed off in intensity. Quitting b-vitamins? Knocking infections down a little with NAC/ lauricidin? Grateful I can actually listen to the radio for a change!
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