I can't even type that word. What I'm bailing from. Let's just say "e-diet."

Increasing nausea and stomach pain, and a bout of vomiting.... I couldn't take it anymore. Quit after day 8. Something is wrong. This isn't just die-off.

My new theory (mine and Dr. Internet's) is that there's some stomach problem that I apparently have to deal with before SIBO. Possibly h.pylori?

My mother was so upset last time I spoke with her- concerned that the Dr is treating me like a guinea pig. Trying this thing and that, without success and sometimes with side effects that are more painful than the thing we're trying to treat.

I had to wait till the next day and call her back.

And say, Yes, he is, and that's the best I've got right now. All the other doctors shrugged and had no idea. There isn't a standard protocol.

Nor is there a guinea pig emoji. :sluggish:


I have a bad GI, when I go in I have to submit a stool sample and do blood work which they should have done for you first off to rule out a few things but anyway -- I have IBD also in addition to the SIBO although maybe it's related. This is how I got rid of or rather calmed down SIBO and have my GI more or less happy now or at least haven't flared lately, if it might help you (disclaimer, it will probably flare again, I've had GI issues my entire life). (1) Had to stop using artificial sugars, Sorbitol, Sucrolose which I believe caused the SIBO (2) Had to give up caffeinated coffee - that hurt my soul because I love love love coffee. (3) Gave up coffee so I could go off of Zantac and PPI's get my stomach acid back to normal (4) I took 'Intestinew' (supplement) to rebuild stomach and GI lining (5) I still have to follow quite a few low-FODMAP food rules, onion and garlic are the worst offenders for people with overgrowth but they're in EVERYTHING - just cutting out onion and garlic might help ya. I was Low-FODMAP for a long time while I figured it all out, it took awhile and a lot of money seeing doctors. (6 Important) I take digestive enzymes now with every meal and it has helped a lot but they vary and it took some experimenting to find the right one for me.

Eh' don't know if any of that will help you but sounds like you've been through hell.

The best thing I've done for my GI over all is to eat lots and lots of probiotic foods, greens, blueberries, today I was adventurous and at a BEET, omg, it's crazy, haha -- anyway, it has been pretty quiet lately. Hope you feel better!
Oh and loads of people think they have SIBO or IBS -- and it's actually the gallbladder, might check into that if you haven't already :) Wishing you BIG health :D
"My mother was so upset last time I spoke with her- concerned that the Dr is treating me like a guinea pig."

I'm voting with your mother here.

"Nor is there a guinea pig emoji"

If there were, it would probably be worn to a nub by now.

Hang in there.

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