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Bad stimulator and regimen tweaking

I've been working on improving the apoptosis regimen. I've been using galvanic stimulation which decreased the amount of supplements I've been taking however the unit was cheap (Digi-galvanic) and kept breaking due to the power coils breaking off of the circuit board. The last time it broke I decided to tweak the supplements and ended up improving them as I found a chemical to address blockage of caspase 3 which was associated with HHV6 infection I am positive for. Lack of this impaired apoptosis. With the new regimen pain and energy drain temporarily increased. Pain really increased. I had to take vicodin for a few days due to severe pain and raise gabapentin from 200mg/dose to 400 mg/dose. That lasted about two weeks then it settled down.


An Ebay vendor popped up with a new high volt Digigalvanic stimulator at a very good price (I think they thought it was just a TENS unit) so I bought it just in case I wanted to try some stimulation again. I called the manufacturer and had a discussion with them telling them they should make the wire guage for the inductors thicker, reinforce the plug jack and harden the case. For that unit I'm going to add some high temp hot glue to support the two inductors. Hopefully that will keep the wires from breaking.

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