Bacteria in ME/CFS patients

Hello all, I have had an infection with
Enterococcas, (not sure if that's spelled right) someone said that this is common for ME patients. Did I read this right? I have been on antibiotic I'm almost done but I don't feel any better.

I wonder since my Doc is checking to see if it's cleared a week from now.
I want to tell this to him.
If it's not gone, it so worries me cause it's such a nasty bacteria!

I would love some feedback. Maybe share with my doctor.


Is entero. Bacteria common with ME/CFS patients? I don't feel better after taking the antibiotic. I'm also getting over a cold. I'm new to PR so I'm learning alot.
Pen2, I would put your question re: these bacterias on the main board/forum b/c more people will see it and respond than here in the blog section. I don't actually know the answers myself.
I also have this and have been treating it for years. We cannot control the infection sometimes because we have inflammation.
seems like a (large numbered) probiotic will help here., something like VSL #3... or Donna Gates' new one called Just Thrive, I believe.

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