Back to Work - Day 1

So I started working. It went well, I was able to sit all day without feeling miserable. I didn't have a high pressure day, it was very easy day back. My HR has been really normal too since I started Imunovir again 2 days ago.

I have more energy, and over all I can just do more. The burning in brain came back as soon as I started imunovir, so I think is a side effect of Imunovir for me!!!! When I look back it started after I started treatment and it was almost gone the month I stopped it. I don't have any big symptoms right now, all very manageable.

I also received my Juzo Compression Stockings SEXYYYY!!! I am very happy with them, now I can wear My work dresses/ skirts and still be protected.

I slept and felt the sleep to be refreshing!!! I forgot what that feels like and let me tell you, it is a GREAT feeling. I am not dreading sleep anymore.


Great to hear that things went so well for you on your first day back at work :) . I hope that continues for you.

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