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After halting my Methylation attempt that had me up to 9mg of MFolate per day. I tried to take other supplements to keep something going. Was feeling very bad for a while (mentally). I assumed it was seasonal mostly always seem worse when the sun goes away.

I started just taking my Ester C once per day and was feeling a lot better and better able to get up in the AM. Stopped taking just about everything.

Started a couple of weeks ago taking just Tryptophan and a small amount of sublingual p5p. Didn't notice anything right away but after two weeks its a fairly substantial improvement.

I've taken in the past with some success

Pondering on what benefit, long term, I may have gotten out of the couple months of methylation boosting. My gut feeling is that I may have chelated some heavy metals. I believe I have a substantial Mercury burden due to a childhood and some adulthood mouthfull of amalgams.

This, to me, explains why my adrenals got wiped out.

I may try it again, I'm not sure.

Anyway, working on my next strategy. I'm pretty convinced most of my "feeling bad" is due to neurotransmitters (Serotonin, NE, Dopamine and Acetlycholine) and I think that needs to be at the forefront of what I'm targeting. Getting your brain right (IMO) is most of the battle. Amazing how much more drive and energy I have when my brain feels good.


I see you are addressing the serotonin by taking the Tryptophan.............I'm curious if you are also addressing the catecholamines? l-phenylalanine brought me out of a depression.
I have taken N-Acetyl Tyrosine here and there but the DO-NE side tends to make me a little jittery/anxious so I'm careful there.

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