Ayurvedic cure for CFS/ME...worked for me

Hi, if you wish to see some photos of some of the treatments I underwent in Varkala, Kerala, India please find an album called Ayurvedic. I was very skeptical about this treatment and I understand there will be justifiable skepticism from the community. That being said, I am happy to help for a short period of time. I feel I have left CFS behind me but recognize an ethical duty to pass on information about a technique which has worked for me. I never thought I would recover...see photos at (copy paste) http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?useralbums/ayurvedic-1.136/view
Trishrhymes requested that I inform the the forum if I crash. I think this is a fair and realistic request and I will comply. I will check the forums daily to answer any questions until next Friday 24th Feb. I will try to update the blog at the beginning of the month.
Please understand that I am working, have a family and a sick mum and there are a lot of things I need to catch up on now that I am able. If I don't get back to you quickly please be patient. I will do my best to answer queries and let you know how things go. I do not finish the ayurvedic 'take home' medicine until the end of April.
I have updated some photos of the trip in Albums. Good luck with your battle/ progress. Never give up.


Steam box following fasting, liquid detox medication and oil massage. Your head also goes under the towel for a while.
I also did a steam box treatment as well as a bath in hot springs water and it did absolutely nothing for me long-term. I drank a gallon of hot springs water too. Would still recommend it as a relaxing and enjoyable experience. But just throwing my experience out there.
Hi Mrquasar. Just to be accurate. I did 7 days of steam following morning detox medication and a 45 minute massage. Unlike you I did not find the steam box relaxing! I couldn't wait to get out! I was drinking 5 litres or more of water a day, partly due to the outside temperature being so high..over 90 degrees and partly due to the considerable water loss from the body in the steam box.
steam box used as part of detox process each during initial stages of detox and partly into treatment phase.

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