Autumnal gloom or not...

We have not had much of a summer in Southern England this year, just a lot of greyness and chilliness. With August departing the nights have getting progressively longer at an accelerating rate.

Last week, I recognised that I had became increasingly sleepy. The hormone flows which affect your wakefulness or not at various times are tweaked by the the body adapting to light conditions. This is of course in addition to the not fully understood reasons why those with ME/CFS suffer from an abnormal amount of fatigue.

Realising what happened, I made a conscious effort to sit in the garden with a coat on in the chilly 13C gloom and low and behold some of the hibernation tendencies started to wear off.

Today, just as I was giving up seeing the sun again until next spring, the back garden is lit up and bees are going from flower and life feels good. As Lou Reed noted in Perfect day, "Problems all left alone."

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beautiful photos .i think it is wonderful how seeing the natural wonders of life even in your own garden can lift your mood or give you a sense of contentment. after all life doesn't stop just because we are not at our best. thanks for sharing your pictures.

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