August - New Growth Moon

August is now upon us.

This is the New Growth Moon according to my childhood Native American mentors people. That might seem odd at first ponder. However, when do many people plant seeds for their autumn garden? When do many of the trees produce their buds for next year’s spring growth? Why in August of course.

August is a time for New Growth, and this is reliant upon something else, which happens to be the medicine of the August Moon – Abundance. New Growth can only take place when there is an abundance of resources to support it. The tree cannot produce next year’s leaf buds unless it has an abundance of light, water, air, and minerals from life around it. Many summer plants have already produced seeds. Gathering these seeds and replanting them will give rise to new crops that will be harvestable in mid-autumn. Late harvests require New Growth under the August Moon because spring and early summer plants cannot typically live that long.

New Growth not only allows for the continuance of life but can also be seen as a sort of reward for doing the work necessary to get this far. Look to every aspect of your life and you will see this pattern. You work, you create, you produce and you gain. The gain is a reward that allows you to continue moving forward and create anew = New Growth. It’s very simple.

This is the August Moon – simplicity. It is still a time of ease and abundance in the wilderness, still high summer. There is little else to do besides celebrate the Abundance of life by creating with it through movement. But remember, what you create now, what grows anew now will set your fate for winter. How we treat our bodies in spring sets us up for autumn, and how we treat them in summer lays out our health for winter.

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Yes, @Nord Wolf, reading about these cycles is quite informative.

August sounds like our month off...and we feel that way.

I wonder what your mentors would make of our seasons this year? We know such things existed in the past (abandoned Mayan ruins for example). Still, we're a people of hope and we hope it won't happen again.

The environment is a precious thing and we should do everything we can to help it.....I know that we try. I want some fall asters. I wonder if it's too late to even find and plant seedlings? We're not having luck with seeds lately whereas we once used to do plant them easily. August is not my favorite month, although I do enjoy seeing the schoolchildren return. Who doesn't? (Probably some of the teachers).

Anyway, off topic, so thanks for the passing knowledge on. Yours, Lenora
I wonder what your mentors would make of our seasons this year?
We can only wonder...
August is not my favorite month
I hear you. A difficult month for me as well. In my life I've had a handful of very potent deaths of those close to me happen in the later part of July and early August... then 32 years ago I began my clandestine training in August... which was a brutal time.
But at least up here we've had a really nice cool down from those intense heat and humidity waves. I'm happy about that shift! Back down to the 60's and low 70's :)
@Nord Wolf...Oh, the 60's and low 70's sound wonderful....chilly for me (now), but just wonderful. We do look forward to those cold fronts hitting us when they can.

As we get older, I find that the months bring death to our door rather constantly. Something else happens, too.....we do find joy, but in a totally different way.

As I've said before, I'm the oldest of a family of 9, with our parents, 11 of us. Now all are dead, and my father at only 40 yrs. of age. So each month has its extreme sadness, but a funny thing called remembrances enters the pictures and displaces the heartbreak we once had. I have one brother left, that's it, have also lost almost all of our friends but our family itself grows and that's where the joy is present. Anniversaries of death on the same day as birthdays, thinking about people who have gone and actually relating to them, feeling their presence and knowing that in many ways you're now equals...and understand in a way that we perhaps couldn't at the time.

We have visitors from England who will be coming at the beginning of September, (our nephew and his wife), an old childhood friend of mine who will be here for the 4th time, and then my ex brother-in-law and his new partner (my sister died, but he considers us his do we). None will stay for long, but it's enough and our daughter will help.

I hope you find some comfort and healing as you enter another stage of life. It's not sad and that's where some of the joy comes from.

@sunshine44.....are your in-laws returning anytime soon? Also, is the teenage girl still visiting you? I was so impressed by her and I know you were also.

Yes, I love the sound of the schoolchildren returning and proudly carrying their see-through backpacks (see-through? Who ever though it would come to this?). They can take a shortcut across our front yard any time.....the closer, the better. No ear buds, please....I want to hear chatter.
The beginning of another season is marked a bit early. Yours, Lenora

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