AUGUST 2016 UPDATE: Still in Remission, now studying FULL-TIME and applying to med school

I'm very sorry for my extremely late update on my health. I remember when I was much more ill that people on this site would say something along the lines of "if they haven't posted in a while, they've either gotten better or deteriorated to the point of no return." Luckily for me, it was the former.

I have so far completed my first "year" at university (Until this semester, I was studying part time) with little reason for worry, and have decided that my health is currently stable enough as to allow me to pursue my studies full time. I have maintained my good grades, and have been afforded special privileges due to my high achievement. I am now currently in the process of applying to medical school, awaiting my UMAT test results to find out whether I've been awarded the opportunity to be interviewed by the medical school and considered a strong candidate. I've also managed to write for the university magazine, attending numerous friends' 21st birthday parties, volunteer for a women's community centre and maintain a small, yet active social life.

I'm still afraid that if I push too hard I'll relapse, and because of that reason I am still maintaining a very clean lifestyle (I RARELY drink and when I do it is maximum 2 standard drinks, always eat healthy, walk a lot, and get as much sleep as I feel my body needs). I notice the effects very quickly if I start to live life the way a typical university student does. I don't appear to handle too much exercise very well, but it's not an issue as my weight/blood pressure/general health have been unaffected so far by my lack of intense exercising. I only ever do gentle exercise like walking, yoga, casual bike riding etc.

My life has changed a LOT over the past year, and have been socialising the most I have since I was 15. I thought I would just make this quick update to let people know how I am going and especially to give those who are newly diagnosed some hope that recovery is VERY possible, especially within the first few years of diagnosis. The main advice I can give is: DON'T PUSH. Give your body the rest it needs. When you're up for it, do some light exercise but if you are tired just rest. Your body knows what it's doing.

I'll update as soon as I get my results, but even if I am not accepted into medical school I promise I will find a way to make a difference to this community, whichever career path I may find myself in.

Well wishes and au-revoir!


My situation is very similar to yours. I appreciate your efforts. Good luck with your life!

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