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Audience of one

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I write to my imaginary friend, the one who is always there, always wants to KNOW me. I write believing I can hear a response (my imaginary friend ALWAYS gives a response, lest I feel unloved or alone).

When I find indifference and lack of regard in the rest of the world, when I grow tired of standing with a gift in my hands, offered up to backs turned to me, and I and my gift are, once again, ignored as beneath interest

Then I come here to write. Because here I have an audience, I have my imaginary friend.

Even if that audience is only me.


@Jody it's not just you on PR. I too feel that lonely, by myself all the time. My PR name is Pen2. I am pretty new to PR and have been so thankful for it. ME/CFS is such a lonely thing isn't it? My family and friends don't come over or call me like they used to. As we know, they love me, they just don't understand the disease. I get that. I still feel like I'm all alone.
I see in your introduction that you're making a comeback from ME/CFS. Are you able to go out and do more things now? I hope you are.
Hope to hear from you. We can share a little.
Hi Pen2.

Nice to meet you.:) I appreciate your concern and yes, I am in a much better place than I was when I wrote that in 2009. Since that time, I have been able to work online as a writer and editor, mostly for a website called empowher.com/

I had been online before I got really sick but left when things got too difficult. Came back online in April 2009 and found a world of difference there because of being able to connect with people. Phoenix Rising was a big part of that for me.

Living with ME/CFS is tough. I'm sorry you've lost people because of it as well.

I also am married, with (mostly) healthy children and grandchildren. My oldest 4 range from 29 to 34 which makes me feel really old:) I am 61. My youngest son is 27 and he is still at home with us because of some form of what we consider to also be ME/CFS. He is doing better than he was 10 years ago when it hit him hard.

I'm in Ontario Canada, so in terms of the online world, not that far away from where you are:) Same time zone and same language at any rate:)

Feel free to write me back:)


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