Around the world in 80 clicks

I normally write a bit of poetry to express my current frame of mind. Today I'm feeling a bit different.

In my little patch of the UK, the sun in shining and I've had a generally great day. It's one of those days where I feel content, like a happy cat stretched out and dozing in the sunshine! Seeing the flowers and trees in my garden made me think about the places I have traveled to and enjoyed.

Sometimes it's hard to remember the feeling of freedom and escapism that comes with jetting off to discover a new place. In my content and positive frame of mind today I remembered that I can go anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

There are some fantastic virtual tours available now of pretty much anywhere you can think of (from Wrigley field to the Vatican). Yes, I'm not really there and I can't buy an ice cream ☹️, but I can still take part. I can discover, learn and enjoy it just the same. Plus, no crowds, no sunburn/frostbite and it's free!

I found a pretty good website with links to 100 virtual tours:

They have popular places like museums, cities and theme parks listed. But, there are plenty of others you can view too.

So today, instead of missing something, I'm going to try to embrace an alternative. Honestly, even people who are 100% fit will probably never go to most of these places, so I'm going to enjoy myself.

I'm off to Rome for a bit, I do love the Trevi fountain!



I poured myself a beer and spent a pleasant evening on google earth / streetview a few years ago, looking at all my old haunts (17 addresses in 3 different countries over 12 years), walking the old streets, looking at the places I used to live, trying to find the pubs etc.
Aren't these things wonderful?! I've walked the streets of London with JK Rowling's detective novel "The Silkworm", walked the streets of Amsterdam while reading Donna Tartt's "The Goldfinch". It makes me think of Ann Tyler's "The Accidental Tourist." I actually feel like I've had a bit of an adventure when I do this. I'm supposed to travel for real in August and I'm a wreck about it! I might rather stay at home and read!!

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