Are Glutatione IV's okay for those with CBS gene mutations?


I am new here and this is my first post.

I have the CBS A360A +/- mutation and a past history of severe mercury poisoning, as well as chronic fatigue. I am somewhat sensitive to sulfur and had to use chelaters like DMSA at very very low levels... only 10mg doses where most people start out at 50-100mg several times a day. I avoid thiol foods and for sure have an issue of ammonia build up. This has not been verified by testing, but rather by my own instinct and "anxiety/panic" attacks that sometimes respond well to charcoal (homeopathic tablets in real time and activated charcoal flushes as pre-caution/avoidance of such attacks). Other times nothing helps. The fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, and brain fuzz are quite severe. To the point I no longer can drive a car, as I just don't feel I am not safe doing so, and can no longer work (not a happy thing). I am only 40 years old... But have had issues since the Mercury which happened at age 29 six months after an amalgam was put in me. My DNA does not detoxify heavy metals/pesticides/chemicals... And my body also doesn't seem to hold onto iron or B-vitamins. I have to do muscle injections weekly for the B-12 and B-complex.

In investigating my most recent health issues/symptoms further, I was just recently diagnosed with Lyme disease (chronic) and the co-infection babesia. My LLMD has started me out on Glutathione liposomal supplements (oral gel) and weekly glutathione IV's (first one was last week) as my toxicity test levels came back very high (chemically sensitive) and he wants to lower that and get my system better before tackling the Lyme/Babesia.

My first Glutatione IV made me not feel well these days after and I am worried it might be that Glutathione supplementation is not a good idea with my CBS mutation? I have given my Lyme doctor copies of my Amy Yasko methylation/gene testing, and information about my former Mercury poisoning and chelation, but am unsure if he is well versed in methylation and gene mutations, etc.

I am hoping someone can comment on if Glutathione IV's are a bad idea for people with CBS A360A +/- gene mutations?

I also recall Cutler (Mercury protocol) advises against the use of glutathione in Mercury toxic people (the sulfur/thiol issue) so I am wondering... and worrying.

Thanks for any comments, direction and help... I have been reading other threads and see some very smart cookies on here! :)


Have you asked these questions to the Andy Cutler Think Tank group on facebook and the Frequent Dose Chelation yahoo group?

Glutathione IVs can mess some people up really bad to the point that nothing can be done for them. I have seen the posts here and on the yahoo message boards about people being really messed up by glutathione ivs.

There is more expertise about your issues on the Andy Cutler Think Tank group on facebook and the frequent dose chelation group on yahoo groups. I would advise you to ask your questions at those two places.
Thank you, yes I have and the information I received (too complicated to go into) mirrors exactly what you say... Some people have gotten VERY bad reactions. The literature and reports I have reviewed seem to all point that it is not something to take lightly or to mess with. So no more Glutatione IVs for me.
I have "chronicLyme double genetic for molf. Exposed3 years sho. Having the bsbsia, like you have now. Forgive my typing on this tablet and cannot see well. Doxicyclin is an awesome drug. It has hrlped me greatly. But I am back to the horrible leg pain , they put me on naltraxone 4.5 mg. This helps your immunity. Be careful with glutathione. Use for just a short while. I am a TN and now I have a new diagnosed PMR.I believe in uou... I fo. My family parents kids think I am crazy. My husband is supportive. I am looking for best Dr in USA to see. I hear many irradiated Lyme but mold... I am sick for life. I was not working but want to go back to work and can't get disability.I feel for you
There's no genetic disorder for mold, @double genetic defect. You're probably referring to Shoemaker's HLA "research" which is completely flawed, and does not show what he claims. Unfortunately most doctors are not good at reading research, and some just blindly trust his summary of it.
Our mold illness group has grown to 5000 members in one year. 2/3 of the people effected terribly have the HLA. Shoemaker's research, in my eyes, is not flawed. @Valentijn, you didn't explain why you call his research flawed. Can you do that?

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