April Moon

These articles are simply about the energies of each moon of the year. I wrote and published all of these in a long article years ago. Today I’m going to share them here , one-by-one, each month. These teachings/philosophies are from my Native American mentor who guided me through my childhood, and taught me a great deal of this world and his people. I met him when I was 9 winters of age, and he began teaching me a year later, when he was 86 winters of age. He was of the Munsee Lenni Lenape.

In December I will post two entries, because there not 12 moons in a year, but 13 full moons.
Each year has 13 moons, not 12.
Each moon is about 28 days long, but not exactly.
Since the calendar doesn’t add up, a Leap Year is inserted ever 4 years to balance the scales.

April is almost up and May is on its heels. Before the April month is over for another full cycle I wanted to briefly touch upon a deeper wisdom of the month’s moon.

The April moon, according to the traditions of Native American mentor’s people, was called the Green Grass moon. Of course this was simply because where their tribe lived; the grasses were starting to green up again after the long winter. Typically with Native peoples, the moons were named in accordance to what was happening in their environment at that time. But the moons had much deeper meanings than simple names of yearly occurrences in the landscape.

The April moon holds the energy of Value. It is the time when winter is ending and spring is beginning and a new season of growth and potential await. Some critters mate while others prepare to give birth. The promise of new growth and new starts abound. This is the moon to evaluate everything in your life that you value and what value itself means to you on a personal level.

  • What do you value physically in yourself
  • What do you value physically in life
  • What do you value mentally in yourself
  • What do you value emotionally in yourself
  • What do you value spiritually in your existence
  • What do you consider value to be and mean
  • What patterns do you notice in things you value
  • Where do you think your values came from
  • Are your values actually your values or were they blindly adopted by you from others
  • Are you satisfied with all your values or are there some you wish to change
  • Do you judge yourself based upon your values
  • How do you place judgment elsewhere based upon your values
  • Do your values set you free or enslave you and prevent growth
These are all questions to ask ourselves during the April moon, the moon of Value. Until we understand such answers we cannot fully comprehend our paths and pursuits because all paths and pursuits are situated upon our ideas of value. Our choices are based upon our ideas of and specific Values.

The May moon, the Planting Moon, is about New Beginnings. New Beginnings are set upon Value. One leads into the other.

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Too bad that you aren't physically feeling better. I know that it's a rather crummy feeling (oh, yes!).

If anything, I find the second value the hardest to understand and answer. The rest are fairly obvious to me. We can change our values and often do as this (these) illnesses run their course in our lives.

Things change, what a teenager answers is different than that of a fully mature adult, and then you take one with added stressors and they're different again.

Our basic personalities I believe we're born with, but can change with effort, sometimes tremendous effort.

Anyway, very interest Wolf, as I like to learn as much as possible about the North American Indians. Well, all people, really. I hope your wife is doing better too. Yours, Lenora.

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