Anybody trying an Oxygen and Saline infusion for chronic pain?

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Has anyone used a Oxygen and Saline infusion for chronic pain? It seems intuitive to me that this would be helpful for my chronic pain. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated. I think my CFS ME specialist who I see every four months (360 mile round trip) would consider giving me an infusion if I had the details. Currently taking GcMAF.​
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I have been doing Saline IV's/2x a week/with visiting nurse/paid by medicare in California. I started three months ago, after reading up on Dr. Bell. I was doing anything I could find in order to be able to get to Northern Calif. to see Dr. K. It worked for head pain but only lasted 24hrs. I also did HBOT five years ago when I thought I only had FM. I am thinking about giving it a serious try now. I am pretty much bedridden. On pain patch now for 3weeks. I saw Dr. Chia months ago who suggested GcMAF. How is it working???
Does your saline include oxygen Lindseys2525? I took my seventh injection of GcMAF two days ago. I feel like it is jump starting the half of my immune system that is dormant(the one that fights viruses) . I am having some inflammation, runny nose and other symptoms. I haven't had a cold in nine years. It is too early for me to say GcMAF is working but it is doing some good. I felt better when I first got the shots for the first two days or so but now it is harder too tell. I am glad I am taking GcMAF. Also what is HBOT? Good luck L2525!
Xandoff I just read your post. I had not considered oxygen with the saline. No reason, other than not aware of it's use together. I am on my fourth month now with infusions twice a week. At first I gained a little energy and less head pain, now I seem to get woozy and need to nap one to two hours after completion. My eyes are tearing and I need to urinate right away. I do not have POTS which is what I have read most are using it for. My nose is also moist, along with ears feeling a degree of less usual pressure. I don't have any clues on what it is doing, I do know I am able to dress and take a short walk which I have not been able to do for many months. I also have not had a cold or expelled any mucus since I became ill in 1994-96, I now feel like that is slowly changing, like something kicked in. (HOPE) HBOT is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Check it out on U-TUBE. Let me know your thoughts. My ears have been closed (like when landing from a flight) for all these years. It is not my eustachian tubes. It is as if I have been on shut down above the neck for all these years. The Gcmaf sounds like it may be a good treatment for you. How cool is that, about feeling a jump start on the viruses!!!!! Good to hear. You have me inspired to give it a try. Where is your inflammation? My tummy seems to react with swelling on all anti-V's I have tried. How are you progressing? Who would think hearing about a runny nose would be exciting news....By the way I have 8 of our lovely viruses/3 are high load.
"Sarah's World" blog/or dr. David Bell/saline for ME/CFS (google both for more details) this is what I printed up to get my Doc ( unfamiliar ) with ME/CFS to order it for me.
Hello- I was on saline infusions for a while but oddly they did not help me. I have severe POTS and have had ME/FM for 21 years. The thing to consider is that I am a bigtime needle-phobe, and the nurses the home care place sent were very bad at inserting the small, flexible plastic catheters, meaning they would try over and over and not get it right, while I was squeezing my eyes shut and my whole body was escalating into fight or flight mode...aargh!! I have BIG veins, why was it so freakin hard!?!? I tried to drink a lot before they came, but it did not help. I don't know if they were just incompetent or what. They sent someone different every time, usually with a supervisor evaluating them because they were new, and sometimes the supervisors could not get it either. Finally I asked one guy to just use a bigger, stiffer catheter, and it worked. Aha, logic prevails!! Unfortunately, in the long run this would also mean lots of big holes in my veins, which I did not want. My doctor and I discussed possibly trying a port, but honestly, I did not see much of a benefit to make it worth the risks. I have heard it works great for some, and there have been times when I was in the hospital for various reasons and got a saline IV when it felt like being touched by the hand of God. Maybe the stress of dealing with so many incompetent providers back to back negated the benefits for me. I wish it had lived up to the promise. Maybe it will for you or others. I hope it does. May we all find the answers we seek!
After 14 injections of GcMAF once a week I am feeling different. More tired, less energy, some nose running and such. I see my ME CFS Doc on Oct 2 so I am looking for his read on this. I am having some chemical sensitivities and my brain fog is worse than ever. My memory has become worse. Maybe I have to get worse before getting better. Damn this illness it is insidious! Fighting the good fight with both arms tied behind my back!

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