anxiety !

i have been dealing with anxiety for a very very long time!
and i have no idea how to control them and its very scary to the point where i think im going to die
any suggestions on what to do?


Hip has a long thread re things that helped his anxiety. The first impact in mine was eliminating gluten. Later adding vitamins, minerals, eliminating histamines, all helped. Check out the questionnaire I'm linking. I scored high enough to start the supps, helpful within a few days. There are so many possible causes... Online questionnaire to suspect pyroluria
Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency‬
What makes me calmer: B Vitamins (in the AM and early afternoon, not in the PM), black cohosh tincture (for dopamine or estrogen swings), and I eliminated gluten and dairy and high sugar. Blog post on what I take and why:
Oh - and bear down like a Kegel exercise? Fastest way to reduce heart rate I've ever seen. Amazing.
Also bump up your magnesium intake, maybe some adaptogenic herbs, and reading a book called At Last A Life By Paul David. It shows how to fully cure yourself from the fear and symptoms of anxiety and cause a lasting recovery. I had anxiety for half my life, major panic attacks, General Anxiety Disorder, etc.. Was on lots of meds but fully recovered, and weaned off every prescription anxiety drug I was on by following and applying the tools I learned.

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