Gonna have to go back on anti-depressants. Basically getting stuck in despair/depression/negative thoughts. So annoying. Going to try Cymbalta instead of Effexor this time. Need a short term solution at least as i get all this testing done.


Sorry to hear that. Good Luck. I have found once I hit a 4 in the functional scale, I cannot help but get the negative thoughts. So for me is a sign of overdoing.
Excuse my intrusion. Try this link. The good drug guide, by David Pearce.
Almost a decade old but still relevant. And...hes's hilarious! I had no luck with Cymbalta, but we're all different of course.
Its tricky trying to find something that may also help with me/cfs.

Good luck,matey! It's always crestfalling going back on those damn things
Thanks for sharing Gavman. I am also dealing with depression now, I had not had to deal with this for months (more anxiety than depression). Anyway, I hope the Cymbalta helps you. Its not bad enough we have to deal with CFS/ME/FM but also the psych stuff (although why wouldn't we have issues). Anyway, Cymbalta nearly killed me (not exaggerating) but I know others who consider it a life saver for them.
I haven't gone on it as the last couple of days i've been quite good. False alarm. Its still a possibility but i think the 5htp i was taking was actually causing more problems.
I think its the thought process maybe. I have been on SSRIs, which apparently stop the reuptake of serotonin so the loop of thoughts doesn't continue constantly. As my thoughts are still quite untamable, the 5htp i think was creating more energy to keep processing the same thoughts. *shrugs* I guess its up to the individual and to tell whether or not you need it. My tryptophan levels were quite decent according to my amino acid test so *shrugs* i might not need that one.

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