Antibiotics and Antivirals together????

hi all,

This is my first post - so hello to you all.
Has anyone ever been on ABX and AV's at the same time. I am on tinidazole/amoxy and clarithromycin at the moment and have just received my isoprinosine (imunovir) and was looking at taking both together




I haven't done it but I would if I could get a suitable antiviral. I hope you have plenty of medical support/supervision due to the possibility of Herx reactions that can be life threatening. Essentially, rapid die off of bacteria or viruses can cause your blood to have too much "debris" for your liver and kidneys to clean up fast enough and you end up with septic shock, a form of blood poisoning. The abnormal immune system that we PWCs usually have means we don't detox as fast as normals.

I have done the Marshall Protocol, using pulsed and ramped up antibiotics, and it helped me a great deal. It eliminated my multiple chemical sensitivities and my horrible back pain, neurasthenia and muscle spasms. Helped a great deal with other pain and some with brain fog. Didn't help with fatigue, although I didn't complete the protocol. I'm going back on it, or another pulsed antibiotic protocol and I'm in process of trying to get naltrexone for low-dose naltrexone treatment.

Good luck and keep us posted.
I agree with above, you got to have medical supervision- having both of them could compound the load on your kidneys and liver, and you don't physically feel it always. Also a good pharmacist will also make necessary recommendations.

I have read somewhere someone buying AZT in Puerto Vallarta and taking the pills without supervision- not recommended.
I have been on this antibiotic clarithromycin 4 times this year and it has had a fantastic effect on me each time. The benefits have lasted little more than a couple of weeks after the end of the course. I'm hoping to get it on a low dose long term prescription very soon.
Hi Clive:
I am on Valcyte for HHV-6A,EBV and CMV Infection. I am also on Zithromax (650 mg) for the micoplasma infection. In addittion to these, I take Enbrel for the arthritis and a few other things for my other auto immune diseases. I tried another antibiotic, but did not tolerate it-I had intestinal problems with it. I have been A-OK with the mixture, except for a few pancreatic flare-ups, which are NORMAL for me and which I tolerate because I've got less than a year to go on the Anti-viral and Antibiotic team combo.
Good Luck!

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