Announcing new Group for PWME/CFS and in recovery from alcoholism or other addiction!

I am wriiting to announce the creation of a new group. Just to clarify, this is ideally a group for people who already know they are alchoholics/ addicts in recovery, just seeking to connect with each other here, as it may be difficult to make our regular face-to-face meetings.

The purpose for this group is to allow people to communicate with each other and share about working a spiritual program of recovery, applying those principles to our daily lives, to combat that disease: addiction, or alcoholism.

This is not meant to be a discussion or debate of anyone's "views" on addiction, or on any certain substance, or on the use of specific medications in general. If this group is for you, you already know it - not trying to convince anyone of anything. Just a group for people to get together, who are living with another "condition" in addition to ME/ CFS, just as it might be nice for people dealing with, say, cancer and ME/CFS to ocnnect and share experience, strength, and hope.

Here is the description on the group page:

Please private message me if you are interested in joining this group. I am doing it this way as I see "invitation only" as the most private option, to encourage participation.
I am creating this group for PWC/ PWME involved in or interested in 12-step recovery programs for alcoholism or addiction.
I am wondering whether anyone else has had similar experience to my own, that having this illness makes it difficult for recovering persons to make connections, or stay connected in face-to-face meetings. This can amplify the already severe isolation we so often experience. For a person recovering from addictions, fellowship with others doing the same has been found to be especially important.
I have a solid foundation in recovery, and wish to be of service to others who may be experiencing some of the hardships I have had to battle, by creating a place here to ommunicate, network, discuss, share experience, strength, and hope, and possibly accompany each otherto formal 12-step meeings online as well.
While this group cannot technically be a "meeting," and will not be in one specific fellowship, it will not be able to be held to the anonymity and other "traditions" of various programs, but I am getting support from PR staff to find ways to make it as private as possible, such as having the screennames of group members not visible to non-members, and of course, having content only visible to group members.
It is important to mention, however, that the owner and board members of Phoenix Rising will always be able to see all posts, so they are not actually confidential.

Again, the link to the group is


Hi warrior, I think the addition of blogs/groups on addiction are a good thing for the forums, and I thank you for it. I do have not had an addiction myself unless you count caffeine or spicy food, but recently I have become aware that more than a few of us, while not having addictions ourselves, have family members who do. People who are not addicted but trying to come to terms with others who are might also benefit from support.

I have no idea what the addiction rate is in ME, but this could do with a poll I think. Even if very few are interested in this now, I think it will become important later on as membership rises. Many of us also use drugs that have addictive properties, including opioids. Many of us are therefore likely to become addicted over time even if we are not now.

Good luck with this effort.

Thank you for your encouragement, Alex.
Indeed, people affected by someone else's problem could benefit from a 12-step program such as Al-Anon, or I believe, Nar-Anon. And they would be welcome to check in with me for any support in getting connected with online meetings, if attendance is difficult.
As far as "the addiction rate in ME," I'm not so much interested in that. This group is here as a support, however, if someone does decide they have a problem, and wants to find a solution to that aspect of things, and have people in this group to lean on, who are familiar both with addiction/ alcoholism recovery, and the specific challenges of having the debilitating illness of ME.

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