Announcing 12-Steppers' Fellowship for PWME/CFS Private Group now with hidden membership.

This entry is just an update to announce that the Private Group "Twelve Steppers' Fellowship Group" - for PWME/CFS who are interested in, or belong to twelve step programs for recovery in the areas of alcoholism, addiction, codependency, eating, or any other additional area of recovery, including Al Anon - is now completely private, meaning that even the list of private groups will not display the screen-names of members of the group.
If you are interested in joining, PM me (start a private conversation) or go to the "Groups" Tab above, and click "Private Groups" and click "Request to Join." (As of May 30, 2010 this is no longer an option, as no one is keeping a list of the private groups, so you'll have to PM me to join.)


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