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Have I mentioned that I love my doctor?

I had an appointment with Dr. Buscher this morning, by phone because of the great difficulty in personally seeing him. It was time to check-in with him as to our last six months and go over what testing Jeremy and I should have before seeing him in person this summer.

It was exciting to have a lot to tell him about and the whole appointment helped put the last six months into perspective for me. The last two months have left me feeling pretty lousy at times because of all the allergy and sinus troubles, along with Jeremys candida treatments causing a lot of MCS troubles for both of us.

Talking to Dr. Buscher today helped me to see that we have been incredibly busy on improving our health these last six months and that we have actually seen a lot of improvements from it all.

It can be difficult at times to set aside a few months of feeling worse and realize that there have been a lot of abnormal circumstances, one after another, which has been greatly influencing our health. Having Dr. Buscher ask a few key questions along the way helped to remind me that prior to all this odd stuff going on for us, we really were seeing substantial improvements.

Our MCS reactions had been getting noticeably less and our energy had been improving. I was feeling much less brain fog, enough such that I was looking forwards to having our car fixed and renewing my drivers license.

Most people do not know this, but I had even begun trying to find us housing that would be safe for us and on our budget. I had one very possible lead with a man who owned an organic farm and wanted to talk with me about some housing he could offer.

Then allergy season hit weeks early, my health dropped quickly and we had to go right back into survival mode because there was no other option. Driving, moving indoors, or anything of that nature had again been pulled out of our reach.

Remembering the improvements we had made, albeit briefly, helps to renew my faith that we are on the right path and doing the right things. We just need time to recover from all that has happened these last two months and then I have little doubt that we will be seeing big improvements once again.

As for my doctor appointment this morning, Dr. Buscher sounded enthusiastic about the changes we have made on our own since last seeing him the largest having gone paleo. He approved of the tweaks I have made/will make on my own to our supplements our increased fish oil, beginning some iodine, changing up the type of magnesium we take, calcium, and doing our vitamin b12 shots every three days instead of 1-2xs a week.

He also gave me the reassurance I needed to hear that my thinking had been sound in not supplementing with thyroid medication after we had a large reaction to it the first day we tried it and instead waiting to see how our thyroid changed on its own after we got our diet and supplements changed up.

We will be retesting our levels of vitamin D, hormones, thyroid, and a new one vitamin K. Jeremy and I will also be finishing up with an amino acid panel from last year. Im curious to see how some of these numbers have changed with all that has been improved upon since last October.

Dr. Buscher is a wonderful doctor who is incredibly supportive. He really cares for his patients. This is very obvious in the questions he asks and the excitement he shares when hearing of improvements. Most people who have CFS, MCS, FM, PTSD or other odd illnesses know how rare it is to find a doctor who is supportive, caring, and knowledgeable. I am incredibly lucky to have found one and always enjoy my appointments with him.



it's great to hear of that positive support from your Dr & that he is happy to do a phone consult for you. All too often we hear stories of arrogant Doctors who neither take the time to listen, nor support us when we make positive steps (without their help).

I am also lucky to have a wonderful GP who supports me & listens.

I'm a great believer in being pro-active & self-educated when it comes to some of the difficult invisible chronic illnesses.

Hope something positive comes out of the search for more secure & safe shelter before next winter. Now matter how many winters you survive in the tent in the snow, it must be extremely disheartening & depressing to see the half finished straw bale house in view (which was damaged before it even got finished).

An organic farmer sounds like someone who would understand where you & Jeremy are coming from.
It's hard to see progress over time, when you live with it every day. Such a nice doctor, I'm so glad you have kind help with your health. May your good days grow :)
Thanks guys!

Very true Vicki, it is indeed extremely disheartening at times. Especially when I get around the house - the molds that took over before we could kill them have left toxic residue behind that triggers a huge bout of depression in me.

I'm hoping for the best for next winter too. But if not this one indoors then maybe the next! :D

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