And now welcome to SIBO land

The flare has calmed down and I have a LOT more energy, which is

:balloons::balloons::balloons:very exciting :balloons::balloons::balloons:

I have even had a couple times when I could not stop dancing in the kitchen
(yes this is after 9 months of being nearly couch/ house bound)

and there are spontaneous bouts of very light yoga breaking out o_O


I have landed full bore in SIBO distress land

After very mild digestive symptoms all summer and fall I now have problems eating almost anything.

The ND gave me the diet handout about a month ago and I.... spent some time in that wonderful land of DENIAL

Now it's very clear that I have to treat it. Hey, just in time for the holidays!

The biggest barrier is mental of course- it's so exciting to have more energy that I want to think I'm recovered. Instead of provisionally treated. I have to think of this as a grace period that is allowing me the energy to deal with SIBO and NOT "I'm all better now and can go back to so called normal."

So, I am spending hours compiling SIBO recipes and starting to put together shopping/ meal plans for the transition. Anyone want to join in recipe share let me know!

Trying to decide antibiotics vs. herbals for treatment.

The interesting thing is.... as I'm returning to work, all my kindly co workers are interested in hearing about my health update since I've been gone for so many months.

Everyone I've talked to so far has shared their digestive challenges with me. I'm beginning to wonder if SIBO is an undiagnosed/ routine byproduct of Standard American Lifestyle (diet + antibiotics).


Of course it is a product of the current lifestyle (among other reasons). Where did I read someone testing his son's microbiome before and after a 7-day McDonald's only diet, to find how much of the good bacteria was destroyed is such a short time. People don't tend to share much avout their toilet habits, but look around you at those round bellies on kids and adults alike... At least those people must have issues, it's just not normal to have no waist, it's not just fat.
I do the IBD-AID protocol, which you know, you can tweak to your own needs. It's not written in stone. :) My biggest breakthrough was understanding I can't eat grain - ANY grain. I had to give up my beloved oatmeal. I frickin love oatmeal and mine was healthy - I mean no sugar, full of berries, extra whole grains, some seeds in there -- it was rockin' but yeah it was killing me off and I didn't realize it.

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