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and now Elemental diet hack

Downing 1 tsp oil (alternating MCT & olive oil) per scoop of powder.

Much better blood sugar regulation.

We (person in my household who knows how to convert grams to calories and whatnot) sat down & figured out I can go up to 2 tsp oil/scoop to get the fat to something like 40% of total calories and reduce carbohydrates as total %. (Physicians elemental is designed for a whopping 68% carbs per scoop). :nervous:

Will aim for fewer scoops/day than "allowed", which seems easy.

So far, sipping on mix pretty much constantly. I feel like the constant sugar wash means bacteria are eating my teeth down to nubs, but aside from that.... 1/2 day down, only 29 1/2 to go.


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