An Update on Victoria's New Bed..........

It works :D




What in the world are you talking about?:D

Your bed works?:Retro tongue:
You know what I mean, Jody :rolleyes:

I vaguely remember talking about one of my biggest health problems was lack of restful sleep.

After nights of tossing & turning in my new bed, I was beginning to to despair of ever getting used to the different type of bed - it was too soft, I thought.

(In fact, I was getting very, very worried - I spent, what was to me, a small fortune on that bed).

I finally got a good night of restful sleep - the new bed works.

After complaining about the old bed, I thought I'd better let everyone know it had worked out ok.

What did you think I meant :innocent1:
Well, you know Vicki,

Since it's you ... I wasn't just sure WHAT you meant.

Could have been so MANY things.:D

I'm very glad to hear your bed works for you though. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly.:Retro smile:
Thanks Jody

(ACTUALLY I could have MEANT many things :D, but my New Year's resolution was to be a "Good Girl " :( in Old Age).
Ahhh....too funny! It works says it all. I told you you will get used to it. It's amazing how even a better bed can not work in the beginning and then it works!! YAY to sleep!
Enjoy "it" working.
I'm practicing small posts & Blogs.
I figure 2 words was the shortest Blog I could manage. :D
Hey Vicki - I'm SO glad your new bed is working for you!!! You know I was just teasing you about your choice of a single. Now I have to razz you about your New Year's resolution....I guess it depends on your definition of a 'good girl', lol. I just think you sound like such a fun person, so I hope you're not going to try to be TOO good:)
Me, too.

That was going to be my entire comment, to match your post - but the nasty old forum harpy says I have to write more. There. I just did.

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