Amusements and Throw Away Technology

Since alot of us are sick, we're usually looking for something we can do from the bed or couch. Many of us turn to ipods or the new netbooks.

My experiences with the fake ipods are mixed. They are never worth what you spend on them. And the business of fake memory in them is hotter than drugs in China right now. They take faulty memory chips that major manufacturers like Apple throw away. They literally pull them out of dumpsters. Then they hack up the chip to show a fake amount of memory. If you think you are buying 8GB, chances are, you might actually be getting a chip that is only 1GB or less. As soon as you go above that 1GB when you are adding your files, you corrupt the drive. You get errors, you get ghosting files that won't open, your unit might just plain crash. That's why it's crashing, you overfed it. Format it to get it working right again and don't overstuff it. But don't expect it to ever be stable because they stuck an unstable faulty chip in your unit.

Even when I didn't have fake memory problems, I had problems with the buttons not working or the sound being staticy or the jacks not working right.

The thing is, this is really throw away technology. It doesn't ever pay to fix one because the cost of repairs, even if you bought the parts yourself is the same or more of what it would cost to buy a new one.

My advice is to never spend alot of money on these. Be aware that you are never getting the amount of memory they claim you are getting. Test the amount of what you can put on the unit, either using a testing utility program or just start slowly adding your songs and video. The first time you get a file format error or a corrupt file, you overstuffed. Also, be prepared to get little or no documentation with the unit. Most of the knockoffs out of China come with either the wrong documentation, very badly translated into English, or none at all.

Many of the newer units no longer take .amv video, they use a MPEG4/Xvid avi compression.

Are they worth getting at all? Yes, if you know what you are getting into. If you don't overstuff it, you can probably get a good year or more out of it. I got one that has a built in camera, camcorder, touch screen, radio, mp3/mp4 player. I'm definitely guilty of overstuffing it. Mine won't take more than about 2.9GB. It was supposed to be a 32GB. But at the 2.9, I've got it stuffed with about ten videos, some that are full movies and about 62 songs. For me, it's worth it.

I wrote a four page guide on how to convert your movies to a newer mp4 player and included the right compression tool. You can get it here:
And I made a video about the fake memory:

Next time you shop for a cheap throw away, I hope this will give you alittle ammunition to not get too ripped off.


Just bought my granddaughter an I-Pod touch at Costco for $175! She hasn't stopped telling me how much she loves me since! I guess that makes it worth it.
On the contrary, the Sansa Clip+ and Fuze players are very nice and very nice sounding, and cost a lot less than most Apple iProducts. Sansa literally invented a lot of the memory chip/flash memory technology all these players use. Don't believe the iHype! ;-)
I was talking about the generics, not the brand names. The brand names are safe. The generics are not.

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