Ampligen wants our testimony before DEC 6th!!! ...Here is mine ... please get your in!

URGENT : ME/CFS Patient "A C T I ON"

Must email by Dec. 6th Thursday to

On December 20th 2012, ME/CFS patients have the chance to be involved with approving a treatment specifically for CFS/ME. Ampligen patients will testify. Whether you’ve been on Ampligen or not or you wish to try it or not – does not matter, the fact is that once one drug gets approved, other drugs will come along and so will research dollars. Ampligen approval will also legitimize CFS/ME in the minds of the Medical Community.

This potential approval is a Game Changer for this disease.

Be a part of history with your "A C T I ON". Send in your email by December 6th, to let the FDA Advisory Committee know what it’s like to live with ME/CFS daily and that real treatment is needed. (There is a template Email below to follow if needed and you can copy and paste for ease.) Let your voice be heard by December 6th.

Why is this about Ampligen? This FDA meeting is part of the process to approve any drug.
Send To: Email address:
Subject line: Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Ampligen

To The Advisory Committee Reviewing Ampligen:
My name is _____________, I have had CFS for more than ___ years. Before I became ill I had a life that was__ your story here__. My life since having CFS has been __your story here_. After 3 decades, We Need treatment.. CFS/ME effects every moment of my life. We’ve seen and heard of patients responding to Ampligen. Give patients Hope by approving Ampligen. We want our lives back.
Thank you,
Full Name
Address Here

(Please Cc: emails to Robert Miller at:

Best Regards,

Dean Maude
Hemispherx Biopharma
One Penn Center
1617 JFK Blvd.
Suite 660
Philadelphia, PA. 19103
Phone: 215-988-0080
Fax: 215-988-1739
AMEX ticker: HEB


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