America's Biggest Cover-Up: 50 More Things ... CFS And Its Link to AIDS

By Neenyah Ostrom

Table of Contents


1. Some CFS Patients May Be "Non-HIV AIDS" Cases

2. A Virus Found In AIDS Patients Is Found In CFS Patients With Brain Lesions And May Be The Primary Attacker Of The Immune System

3. HHV-6 Kills An Important Immune System Cell In AIDS And CFS Patients

4. HHV-6 Seems To Be Causing Lung Disease In Immunosuppressed Individuals

5. A Virus Found Growing In CFS Patients Has Been Linked To Miscarriage

6. HHV-6 Infections Can Be Fatal

7. A New Virus, HHV-7, Has Also Been Found In CFS Patients

8. A Natural Immune System Anti-Viral Pathway Doesn't Work In CFS

9. A Mysterious Organism Called A Mycoplasma May Be Peripherally Involved In CFS

10. Just As In AIDS, Immune System Cells Called Monocytes Do Not Work Properly In CFS Patients

11. As In AIDS, The Immune System Is Both Over-Stimulated And Depressed In CFS

12. One Researcher Thinks That CFS Should Be Called "Lymphokine Overdose Disease"

13. CFS, Like AIDS, May Be Primarily A Tumor Necrosis Factor Disease

14. Zinc Deficiency May Contribute To CFS

15. Magnesium Can Be A Missing Element In CFS

16. There Is A Hormonal Imbalance In CFS Similar To The One In AIDS

17. CFS Patients' "Crimson Crescents" May Be Diagnostic Of The Syndrome

18. CFS Patients May Develop A Cancer Similar To One Found In AIDS

19. Like AIDS Patients, CFS Patients May Be Especially Susceptible To Tuberculosis

20. CFS Patients Have A Brain Defect Similar To That Found In AIDS Dementia

21. There Can Be A Significant Weight Fluctuation In CFS

22. Dizziness Can Be A Severe Problem In CFS

23. As In AIDS, Sinusitis Can Become Chronic In CFS

24. A Recent Rise In Childhood Asthma May Be An Effect Of The CFS Epidemic

25. Endometriosis Seems To Be Common In Women With CFS

26. Pregnancy Can Be A Disaster For A CFS Patient

27. Men With CFS Can Develop Chronic Prostate Infections

28. CFS Can Cause A Particular Type Of Heart Murmur

29. Like AIDS Patients, CFS Patients May Bruise More Easily Than Healthy People

30. CFS Can Lead To Serious Diseases Of The Mouth and Gums

31. CFS Can Cause Perception Problems For Drivers

32. People With CFS Often Have Bizarre Sleep Problems

33. CFS Is Often Characterized By Nausea

34. CFS Patients Can Develop Serious Bladder Problems

35. Fingers Can Become Swollen In CFS

36. CFS Patients Can Develop Skin Rashes And Other Disorders, Especially Acne And Shingles

37. The Hair Can Be Severely Affected By CFS

38. CFS Patients Can Have False Positive Tests For Syphilis

39. In CFS Patients, As In AIDS Patients, The T4 Cells May Be Sequestered In The Lymph Nodes

40. Sunbathing May Make CFS Symptoms Worse

41. As It Progresses, CFS Can Be Measured In "Stages"

42. Some CFS Patients Become Suicidal

43. Health Care Workers May Be At Increased Risk For CFS

44. CFS Can Result In Financial Disaster

45. A Drug Made From Pig Liver Appears To Help Some CFS Patients

46. An Experimental Drug That Appears Promising For CFS And AIDS Is Being Evaluated By The FDA

47. Nothing Is Being Done To Protect The Blood Supply From CFS- Infected Blood

48. CFS Has Spawned A Powerful Patient Movement That Has Become Mired In Denial

49. The Two "Variants" Of HHV-6 Appear To Act Very Differently

50. A Virus That Causes An "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" In Pigs May Be The Real Cause of CFS And AIDS


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Neenyah Ostrom did amazing work and seemed to be one of the very few who actually cared.
what a mess. Most of the ME community knows this. Feel sorry for the people who can't figure out what the hell is going on with them.

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