American Chernobyl

Somedays, the anger is so much.
That the knowledge of what has happened exists
yet mob mentality keeps us complacent.
And mob mentality, is a massively powerful thing.
That doctors are scared to treat me.
I’ve been told off record many times at this point.
Other doctors have lost their licenses or lives for treating cases like mine.
That no one believes us… yet, it’s happening.
It feels like the worst episode of twilight zone you could possibly imagine.
But, here we are.

So, I keep sharing, because its I know my suffering and others was never in vain.
I remember the denial I initially felt for years as well.
Possibly, one day, the scale of people in the know, tips… and the game changes.

This book is a difficult read, if you have not already read it.


"Thank you, Kris Newby, for writing this book. Most of us living with chronic Lyme disease have been betrayed by doctors. All of us have been betrayed by our government. The truth of this disease needs a giant spotlight exposing all the dark secrets, and this book is that spotlight." -anonymous reviewer
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Yeah…. It’s astonishing.

And at this point there are so many overlaps in each community. For instance lyme community has huge struggles with EBV as well including myself. All 3 of my friends in this area that have Lyme that have helped take care of me over past 5-6 years, have had significant EBV levels at times.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to separate some of our communities because of overlap.

Also, I feel proper testing has been manipulated. I truly do not think we are testing for all that exists. So, that makes it tricky to navigate and know full proper numbers of each community. For reasons, we can each come to our own conclusions over.

This just came out too but I’ve yet to watch it but my nurse caretaker/friend that saw my story in newspaper (how dystopian does that sound 😅😂) told me about it and said I remind her a lot of the girl. I might watch it one day. Supposed to be incredibly well done.

It really is time.
There are so many of us humans that desire peace, well-being and harmony on and within Gaia. There is such a tiny sliver of very sick humans that have created these atrocities. To me, it truly, from
An energetic level, feels like a virus at a planetary level (speaking of how they came to be so destructive and unbalanced). Unfortunately they happen to be in higher echelons of society… but still, such few numbers. The emperor wears no clothes.

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It also almost feels like humanity needs to approach this from smaller cell like responses. Like we need to each build and know and feel our local communities and situations to overcome the larger situation present within veins and foundations of our larger governments that collaborate on world stage.

Does that make sense? Like, if ‘our’ human immune system kicks in, it’s eventually game over. These parasites are naturally washed out. But we mostly haven’t known anything was amiss, we just thought the world was crazy and humans are a psychotic species. All feeling mostly helpless. That’s not entirely accurate. This larger ‘virus’ has been much more influencing than most of us currently realize. And for a very long time.

My abstract brain trying to explain things at 8 something 8 am, while my organs struggle, haa.

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