Adderall for Energy Boost in ME/CFS: January 15, 2010

juniemarie;35621 said:
I take the generic and its only $10 a month with my insurance and thats for 60. I take 2 30's a day. I have been on it for 4 yrs. It is not addictive, as a matter of fact whenever I do not have anything I have to get done I will take breaks. I have no side effects when I take a break from it, no craving it. I actually quite enjoy my breaks cause it means I can go into complete rest mode.
It is fake energy, but it has kept me up and about for 4 yrs. Unfortunately I have gotten worse lately, and not even adderll can over ride CFS on a bad day.
If it is "fake" energy, let's hope that it's like caffeine which does no harm and may do some good. For your sleep problem, have you tried reducing the dose? Also, have you tried small 1mg doses of Melatonin just before bed? Small doses are supposed to work better than large doses. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I take another small 1mg dose and it seems to give me a good night's sleep (I take 2 x 20mg Adderall XR). Good luck! MAHoffman


Glad to hear its helping. I bumped into someone for whom Ritalin made a huge difference - he was out there doing triathlons. Never been able to try them, unfortunately - wonder what would happen if I did.

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