Activity Challenge

Today the gardener I'd been trying to get to do my garden finally showed up (its been 3 weeks of messed up times, rain etc etc). Im paying him $50 per hr (a lot!!) as Im so desperate and getting into trouble with neighbours over the messy garden and cant find anyone else to do it.

Thou he'd be told by three different people (my boyfriend, me and even my mother got involved and rang him) how bad the yard was and what was needed to do it, he showed up with not the right equipment to do my back yard so now needs to come back. **sighs** . On a good note thou, he did mow my friend yard and now at least the lawn does look great. :)

I pre-emptive rested all day yesterday in preparation as I wanted to go out today and do as much of the front garden bed while the gardener was here. (I dont nowdays go outside unless I have someone here, due to my neighbours seeing me outside and coming over to complain about things).

I am having a very good ME/CFS day today eg no symptoms just tired eyes and nightmares last night (Ive been quite good all week as I havent done anything), so thought it would be interesting to time myself and how long I can currently last in that garden doing easy weeding, to see if I've improved at all.

Im kind of disappointed as it showed me that Im not as great as I thought after 45 mins I was hot (thou it is a cool day), tiring and falling down (due to exhausted with the low grade activity). I did manage to continue on for a further 20 mins (with fall downs and balance losses so holding myself up at times with a rail) till I was completely no longer able to stand and needed to crawl inside (unable to get up and walk). By then I was feeling like throwing up and just starting to get dizzy.

This activity level is still worst then I had when Centrelink forced me to work a few hrs a week a few years ago now, (back then I could last 1.5 hrs of light work) ... so seems I still cant get back to that level. I wish I could sue them for making me crash down further to a level I cant seem to improve on.

One thing thou I did notice today thou... is my POTS wasnt as bad as normal. The POTS dizziness I get took a long time to happen with other symptoms coming in first. The fall downs didnt seem to be from my POTS but rather from CFS/ME exhaustion itself. So just maybe .. that POTS is improving?

After an hrs rest.. symptoms have gone thou still slightly light headed. I'll be resting for the next couple of days to make sure I dont get a crash.


having lots of issues still with wrong words in my posts.. The word "friend" yard in this post was meant to say "front" yard

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