I'm so sick of doctors not looking at the big picture. The thing that really pisses me off is that nobody will even be held accountable. They'll just say, well, it was a really rare presentation so there is no way they could have known. Well I knew, and nobody would listen.


I know! They can't lose! They downplay your symptoms if it's too confusing, and when there is finally some physical evidence they congratulate themselves for finding it, and when you discover it they say well, it was hard to find so we couldn't possibly have known. Yet they failed to do even the most rudimentary tests or to link one finding with another. I find it an endless frustration. I've come to the conclusion that the system perpetuates a sort of gormlessness that prevents them from going too far outside the norm. The silent peer pressure must get stifling to those who start to get curious and gravitate to the extremes. Protects the ones in the dim-witted centre from feeling as stupid as they are.

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